Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – Difficulty Settings

    Theatrhytm Final Fantasy Final Bar Line has a more modular difficulty experience than you’d think. There’s more under the hood than just ‘easy’, ‘normal’, and ‘hard. Read our Theatrhythm Difficulty Settings to see what I mean.

    What Does the Difficulty Change?

    Changing the Difficulty will make the song you’re playing harder or easier! Duh, but what else? Well, the difficulty is determined by the speed of the notes, the frequency of certain notes, and how many notes you must trigger.

    What Difficulties are There?

    There are four distinct difficulties which also have a difficulty level number as well. They are Basic, Expert, Ultimate, and Supreme. Along with Level Numbers ranging from 1-15.

    How to Change the Difficulty

    Changing the difficulty isn’t all that hard. When selecting a song press the L/R bumpers on your controller to change the current song’s difficulty to whichever you desire. You can see the difficulty at the very top of the menu, and the banners are color coded as well. Be WARNED, the difficulty will stay the same until you change it, even if you go to a different song.

    There are actually other ways to edit the difficulty to your preferences besides these rigid difficulty options. You can change the game style to simple mode or even change the speed of the notes further! 

    Go to the options menu. These other difficulty-altering options can be accessed by choosing the gear icon on the far right of the main menu and selecting ‘MS Settings’. You can also change these settings by pressing the Y/Square button when choosing your party items, and difficulty while choosing a song.

    Here are the option settings to watch out for and change to fully customize your experience!

    Trigger Speed!

    Trigger Speed controls the speed of the notes. Don’t worry, they still match the beat of the song and the difficulty level you chose. You’ll just have more or fewer notes to hit depending on if you raise or lower the speed. Changing this option can really make the game go fast or slow. Absurdly so. Check out these gifs to get an idea.

    Simple Mode!

    Just tap the X/Triangle button when selecting a song until it swaps to ‘Simple’ in the top right corner. This mode lets you play with one button, mostly. It lets you just tap and hold the button for most notes, including the double red notes. You aren’t required to do any stick flicks or directional inputs. However, on higher difficulties you will have some double notes that involve holding a green and tapping a red note at the same time.

    Lane Cover!

    Using this option you can cover the note lane a little or a lot. You won’t be able to the notes coming as easily with this on. This will require some great reaction time. Use the following images to get an idea of what I mean.

    Theatrhythm Final Bar Line lane cover

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