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    Something doesn’t feel right…

    One of the most important things in any game is the feel. Especially in a rhythm game such as this. Luckily, you can edit several settings in order to fine-tune the responsiveness of the game or learn from your mistakes. Use our guide to help you change the timing of notes in Theatrhythm!

    Timing Feels Off!

    Do you keep missing notes or screwing up the timing no matter how hard you practice? Do you play just fine but something just doesn’t feel right? Don’t worry! It’s hard to explain game feel or even get used to how certain games feel. This game, however, is extremely modular in this sense. There are many options that let you alter how it plays!

    How to Fix This!

    Some songs do change what part of the song the notes represent. They could perfectly match the beat for one section and then swap to mimic the main melody. That can throw you off.  Feel free to use the ‘Practice’ option as practice does make perfect. However, only GOOD practice makes perfect. If you still can’t nail a certain section do this. If you’re having trouble with a song let it auto-play in order to see where you could have gone wrong. This option is right next to the ‘Play’ button on the song selection menu. There are also various game options you can change to “fix” certain aspects of timing to better suit your needs.

    The first thing to do is go to the options menu. This can be accessed by choosing the gear icon on the far right of the main menu and selecting ‘MS Settings’ within this option. You can also change these settings by pressing the Y/Square button when choosing your party items, and difficulty while choosing a song. The options to edit are in the next section.

    The Options

    • BGM Timing: This is arguably the most important option to fool with in order to solve this dilemma. There are two options for this: one for TVs and one for Handheld Mode (Switch). Different displays can have various issues from lag and pixel response times, so this option lets you bypass these issues as best as you can. If you feel that you hit notes too early crank the timing up and do the opposite if you feel you’re late on the draw. This will require constant tweaking and playing in order to get the exact feel you want. 

    Theatrhythm Final Bar Line bgm timing

    • Trigger Speed: This controls the speed at which notes appear, which also alters their frequency. It’s possible that you may be trigger-happy or want a slower pace. That could be ruining your timing. So, changing this setting can help speed up or slow down the notes. Don’t worry, the game makes sure you have ample notes to fill the song length and beat.
    • Timing Display: Turning this on will add a little red or blue arrow icon to the left or right of your note trigger hit (good, bad, critical) that lets you know if you hit it too early or too late. This extra visual data will allow you to monitor your timing and help you improve or decide to change any of the available options.

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