What Is Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm?

    Just what is Eternal Calm?

    FFX had plenty of different things tied to it, with one of the more obscure ones being Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm

    With all the new Final Fantasy titles hitting the market, it’s a great time to be a fan of one of gaming’s biggest franchises.

    There are so many different FF titles, with one of the most popular titles being Final Fantasy X.

    Let’s dive in and explore one of the more interesting parts of the FFX storyline.

    Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm

    Final Fantasy X

    Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm is a cutscene that takes place between the end of Final Fantasy X and the beginning of Final Fantasy X-2.

    It might surprise you to hear that this title is not playable. It did for us, as it can be unusual to hear about a game tied to a short cutscene.

    Eternal Calm was first released through a bonus DVD. This disc was obtained either through the PlayStation Magazine, or you could get it through Final Fantasy X International

    It serves as the prologue for FFX-2, which served as the direct sequel to FFX.

    Where Can You View It?

    If you want to watch Eternal Calm, then you’ve come to the right place!

    You are able to view this cutscene as a part of the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster package, which is available across PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

    Funny enough, watching this scene is required for the platinum trophy on PlayStation consoles. You should watch it anyway though, as it ties the two games together.

    If you want to be prepared for a potential Final Fantasy X-3, this would be a perfect way to make sure you’ve got the story down.

    What Other Final Fantasy X Titles Are There?

    Tidus in Final Fantasy X

    There are multiple Final Fantasy X titles besides the original. The series is one of the most successful in the entire franchise.

    First, there is the original Final Fantasy X, which was released in July 2001. The main character of this game is Tidus, who is pictured above.

    Next in the timeline is the cutscene this very article is about. We’ve outlined it above so we’ll continue onwards from here.

    Afterward, Final Fantasy X-2 is up. This game was released in March 2003.

    Finally, last is Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission. As you can see, there are quite a few different games set in this universe.

    Any Other Good Final Fantasy Titles?

    Joshua and Clive FF16

    There are plenty of amazing titles for such a storied series like Final Fantasy!

    You can expect to find an incredible time regardless of what FF title you may decide to pick up and play.

    Fan favorites besides include IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XII, and XIV to name a few. Again, you cannot go wrong with whichever title you may decide to dive into.

    Some amazing games are headed our way in the future as well, with releases like Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on the way in 2023. It’s a great time to be a FF fan.

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