Fire Emblem Engage: How to Use Amiibo and Rewards

    Amiibo! Yep, just like many other Nintendo Switch games (including Fire Emblem: Three Houses) Fire Emblem Engage has amiibo functionality. This FE Engage Amiibo Guide tells you all about how to use these figures!

    Where to Use Amiibo?

    In the Somniel, there’s an Amiibo Gazebo that unlocks after completing Chapter 5. It’s near the orchard in the northwest part of the Somniel. All you have to do is go to the Gazebo and tap your amiibo onto the right stick of your controller.

    Remember: You can only scan a total of 5 amiibo per day!

    What Amiibo Can Be Used?

    There’s a lot of amiibo, but which ones are compatible with Fire Emblem Engage? Short Answer: All of them. Yep, all amiibo figures are compatible with Fire Emblem Engage. However, there is a catch. Using amiibo of Fire Emblem characters actually nets you different rewards than other amiibo!


    The rewards depend on what amiibo you use. They are as follows:

    • Using non-Fire Emblem amiibo gets you a random reward.
    • Using Fire Emblem amiibo will net you a Fashion Ticket and a Music Ticket. These can be exchanged for music from past games and costumes of the Emblems!

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    Fire Emblem Engage – Available Now!

    With all that being said, Fire Emblem Engage has a ton of content! It can be daunting in that regard. Be sure to check out these other guides for help and more details on the game!

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