Japanese 2D platformer Kokoro Clover Season 1 announced for Switch and PC

    Supports English and Japanese text.

    Phoenixx and Hikoteru announced Japanese 2D platformer Kokoro Clover Season 1 is coming to Switch and PC via Steam on August 4.

    Season 1 features 12 chapters of the previously Japanese-only Kokoro Clover Parts 1 and 2. The game supports English and Japanese text, and pre-orders are available now. A special 10% discount is live for the Switch version through the Nintendo eShop.

    All the details are available below via Phoenixx:

    Treffy, a young spirit summoner itching to go on adventures, comes across malevolent treasure Hunter Valx Vulcan and his partner in crime Necoco one morning as she picks herbs for her grandfather. Strange phenomena disturb the peaceful forest where she lives since, as she stumbles upon the Kokoro Clover, which lets her use magic and transform into elemental spirits. An incredible adventure unravels where many antagonists seek to claim the “Kokoro Clover for themselves as Treffy tries to understand its secrets.
    Experience a world of gorgeous pixel art world inspired by Sunday morning Japanese cartoons with fun, uplifting music. Run, jump, and shoot mana to beat monsters along the way. Dance with the surrounding creatures to collect moves through 12 exciting chapters. With the help of friendly spirits like Dee the water spirit, Sal the fire dragon spirit, and more, use Treffy’s powers to change her appearance or transform into strong inspirited versions of herself with her spirit friends’ attributes to defeat those that want the Kokoro Clover for themselves.
    Initially released in two separate parts on Steam and only available in Japanese, Kokoro Clover Season 1 contains an all-new chapter along with the previously-released content in one package, all localized in English and on Nintendo Switch for the first time. Take in the whole story of Kokoro Clover in Story Mode, or just skip straight to the action in Adventure Mode. Use coins collected during the adventure to unlock new power-ups, cards, dances, and new characters, and tackle Boss Rush and Mini-Game Modes!
    “I am astounded by the attention Kokoro Clover has gathered outside of Japan and am glad everyone can enjoy both the previously-released and brand new content in English,” says Hikoteru, solo creator of Kokoro Clover. “In Japan, Sunday morning cartoons are a big part of our upbringing, and we know many western fans know this joy as well!”
    Lastly, check out the announcement trailer below:
    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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