Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Season 3 begins with Sephiroth skins

    Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Season 3 is live across iOS and Android today, June 2nd. Season 3 brings tons of new features and content such as the Midgar Plateside map, new monsters, Machinist style, Water Materia, Exploration mode and much more. Various log-in bonuses are available to claim for free such as the “SOLDIER Sample (Mako)” skin.

    Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Season 3 also begins with the arrival of Sephiroth skins. The character skins are available with both the signature Sephiroth skin and the shirtless version. Players may obtain these skins through Advanced Shinra Packs (Sephiroth). As a special bonus, all players will receive 10 Advanced Shinra Pack (Sephiroth) Tickets. Each pack is worth 5 of these tickets.

    This month, Square Enix plans to share Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary news. Producer Yoshinori Kitase teased his hopes to share Final Fantasy VII Remake related news this year. With 25th Anniversary news coming soon, the stars could align for more Final Fantasy VII Remake news or a teaser to keep fans excited.

    A new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI is complete as development of the game nears the finish line. Producer Naoki Yoshida says Square Enix saw the new trailer with high expectations for the full release. This new trailer could air as soon as the June 2nd edition of PlayStation’s State of Play.

    Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is available now for iOS and Android.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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