FFVII: The First Soldier to receive Crisis Core skins, balance adjustments on March 17th

    Square Enix shared a news post regarding what’s coming to Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier soon! The game will receive new Crisis Core Skins and balance adjustments on March 17th. A second wave of adjustments are coming on March 31st. Read up on more details below:

    Bahamut Fury

    Bahamut Fury from CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- will appear on the training field in standard matches from 3/17 until 3/31! He’s even stronger and tougher than the usual Bahamut, and may prove to be a challenge even for a full team.

    The boss field that surrounds Bahamut Fury will be different from usual—players will be unable to damage each other when inside it. We hope to create an environment where players temporarily set aside their rivalries to fight together against this extra challenging boss. Additionally, special challenges will be available during this period, and defeating him will earn you a special title.

    New Skins

    Alongside Bahamut Fury, we’ll be adding skins based on the outfits that Zack and Tifa wear in CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII-. There will also be banner and gun skins, so I hope you look forward to these new additions.

    Special login bonuses will be available too, so don’t forget to log in!

    Balance Adjustments

    Looking at how things are in Season 2 at the moment, we’re planning two separate waves of balance adjustments. The first wave is coming 3/17 and will consist of the below adjustments.

    ▼Dragoon Adjustments

    • Divebomb attack with Sky Predator will have area of effect increased

    • Ability to turn when gliding with Sky Predator improved

    • Marker placed with Dragon’s Ire will display for marked player as well

    ▼Infernal Cannon Adjustments

    • Charge laser base damage increased

    • Decreased time to charge attack

    • Ammo increased to 300

    • Homing laser can be fired when at less than 10 ammo

    ▼Flare Thrower Adjustment

    • Range doubled

    ▼Gravity Adjustment

    • Movement speed reduction lessened after effect activates

    ▼Chocobo Adjustments

    • Motion after performing chocobo kick changed

    • Added preparation movement when performing chocobo kick in the air

    • Removed ability to get off of chocobo after performing a chocobo kick until idle position

    • Chocobo stamina will decrease when taking damage

    • Chocobo kick damage adjusted (damage against players decreased, damage against monsters increased)

    ▼Bomb Launcher Adjustment

    • Adjustment to delay between shots

    ▼Summon Bahamut Adjustments

    • Umbral Inferno normal shot adjustments (area of effect increased, speed increased)

    • Divebomb adjustments (speed increased, cooldown time adjusted)

    Feature Updates

    ▼Dealing with Reduction of Firing Delay when Changing Guns Changing your equipped gun right after firing will still be possible, but there will be an appropriate delay until the next shot is fired.

    ▼Option to Disable Camera Control with ADS Button Ability to turn camera control with ADS button on or off.

    ▼Display SOLDIER Prime Conditions on Ranking Details Screen

    Error Corrections

    • Helicopter UI does not display correctly after briefing

    • Summon and monster Bahamut hitbox not aligned with visuals

    • Using Rush to enter Gravity field incorrectly removed ability to perform actions before movement completed

    • When Bahamut uses Megaflare and reaches 0 HP at the same time, progression stops

    • Certain non-default voice clips incorrectly played in Japanese

    • When holding the Megaflare button as Bahamut and it reaches full charge as you reach 0 HP, screen changes to Megaflare aiming screen

    • Error preventing use of auto run with a controller

    • Unable to move Megaflare button to customized position

    • Red and blue death boxes appear green from a distance

    • Able to Teleport inside a vault with Teleport in certain conditions without a Vault Key (Updated)

    • When you shoot with weapons that have extended intervals between shots such as bolt action and pump action guns, the camera will switch to the rear camera, but if you attempt to shoot again before the camera returns to the normal camera, the shooting motion will play out, but you won’t actually shoot. To fix this issue, we have slightly adjusted the time the rear camera is used when shooting.

    • <Affected Weapons>

      • Eclipse Eater

      • Polestar

      • Infernal Cannon

      • Executioner Gamma

      • Cyclops Roar

    Next Update (Planned for 3/31)

    We are planning the following for the second wave of balance adjustments.

    ▼Dragoon Adjustments

    Camera when using Sky Predator can be moved left and right -Improve ease of landing melee attacks

    ▼Summon Bahamut Adjustments

    We plan to make adjustments to make the summon live up to the name “Bahamut” with the next update. The first wave includes several buffs, but we will consider other adjustments, including a buff for Megaflare.

    ▼Gravity Adjustments

    We’re aware of the issues with the Gravity materia currently ongoing. We want Gravity to continue to be an effective tool at hindering enemies but also want to ease the difficulty in avoiding it. The first wave of balance adjustments includes an adjustment to the movement speed reduction inflicted by Gravity, but we are also planning the below for the second wave.

    • Adjustment to movement speed when Gravity activates

    • Decrease area of effect

    • Improve situation regarding immobility when Slow and Gravity effect stack

    ▼Ranger Control Adjustments

    Due to the risk of making yourself defenseless while using this ability, we are considering improving the usability and attack strength of the slug-ray deployed when using the ability.

    More details about gameplay data are available here. Lastly, FFVII: The First Soldier is out now for iOS and Android worldwide. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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