Golden Axe Animated Series Announced by Comedy Central

    An announcement literally no one expected.

    Paramount Pictures and Comedy Central have announced that a Golden Axe animated series is in development for the latter channel. They’ve also remembered a few members of the series’ cast.

    SEGA initially released Golden Axe in 1989 for the Sega Genesis. The game is a side-scrolling arcade beat-em-up that has been ported over the years for several consoles, including by both Nintendo and SEGA. SEGA recently announced that Golden Axe will be one of many games returning, alongside Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi. The upcoming animated series will last for ten-episodes. More will likely be confirmed as the series premieres.

    Golden Axe Animated Series In Development, Releasing on Comedy Central

    Golden Axe Cast

    Paramount and Comedy Central have officially announced that a Golden Axe animated series is in development. The series’ release date is currently unknown, however, it will air for ten episodes. CBS Studios, in association with Sony Pictures Television and Original Film, will produce the series. It will be available on Comedy Central. It will likely also be available for streaming on Paramount Plus. The announced cast of the series is as follows:

    • Matthew Rhys as Gilius Thunderhead
    • Danny Pudi as Hampton Squib
    • Lisa Gilroy as Tyris Flare
    • Liam McIntyre as Ax Battler
    • Carl Tart as Chronos “Evil” Lait

    Paramount describes the upcoming series as follows:

    In a hilarious and loving homage to Sega’s 1989 video game series, “Golden Axe” follows veteran warriors Ax Battler, Tyris Flare and Gilius Thunderhead as they once again battle to save Yuria from the evil giant Death Adder who just won’t seem to stay dead. Fortunately, this time they have the inexperienced and underprepared Hampton Squib on their side.

    Lastly, the Golden Axe animated series will premiere sometime in the future. Paramount and Comedy Central will likely reveal more details about the series and its release date in the coming months.

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