Zatch Bell Creator Opens Licensing Window for Anime and More

    Companies can also propose commercialization and stage adaptations.

    Zatch Bell creator Makoto Raiku is opening a licensing window for Zatch Bell 1 and 2. This opens up opportunities for a potential anime adaptation of the two Zatch Bell stories. Raiku’s company, BIRGDIN BOARD Corporation, is assisting him with this process.

    23 years ago, the Zatch Bell manga was created, becoming a known story across the world of anime and manga. Many fans became excited after hearing that a sequel was in the works, which is currently ongoing. With news of the franchises’ licensing windows opening up, fans could be looking at a new anime adaptation very soon.

    Zatch Bell Creator Is Looking for an Anime Adaptation

    Zatch Bell 2 Has 650,000 Copies in Circulation for Volumes 1-3

    The BIRGDIN BOARD Corporation has opened an “Inquiry Desk” for companies that would like to propose an anime adaptation of Zatch Bell 1 or 2. Companies interested in doing so can go to this link and contact the company using the inquiry form. Makoto Raiku himself added that he and the company have received many inquiries already. Any animation studio can apply for the spot of animating Zatch Bell 1 or 2, so it will be interesting to see who Raiku choses. 

    Additionally, a mobile RPG based on the series is available now on iOS and Android in Japan. The game’s title is Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Towa no Kizuna no Nakama-tachi / Zatch Bell: Friends are an Eternal Bond. The mobile RPG celebrates the 20th anniversary of the franchise. For context, Zatch Bell 1 was a series published in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” between January 2001 and December 2007. Toe Animation produced an animated version, including two movies, airing from 2003 to 2006. It centers around Kiyo Takamine, a student, and Zatch Bell, a Mamodo character, as they compete in a battle tournament aiming to determine the next king of the Mamodo realm, alongside other Mamodos and their human allies.

    Lastly, fans can read through the Zatch Bell 2 manga now, and fans can expect more chapters and volumes in the future. 

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