Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves Details New REV Mechanics

    REV it up!

    SNK unveiled extensive details about the mechanics of Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves. These details come from their official website, where they also revealed more details on the characters’ backstories.

    A new Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves trailer was released yesterday, displaying many characters and a release date. Fans also got the chance to learn the Japanese and English voice cast for each character shown. Now, SNK provided more information on the game’s mechanics.

    The Mechanics for Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves

    Rock Howard doing his special attack in Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves, which is enhanced from using one of the game's mechanics.

    Central to the game’s revamped mechanics is the introduction of the REV system. The REV system encourages aggressive engagement and offers various unique offensive options. Players can use REV Arts, REV Accel, REV Blows, and many more as long as the Selective Potential Gear (S.P.G.) is active. However, the REV Meter can overheat, limiting the continuous use of REV moves. This keeps players on their toes and rewards good meter management.

    “The REV System, a toolset making its Fatal Fury debut, offers unique offensive options from when the battle begins, SNK said in a press release. “Players can use REV Arts, REV Accel, REV Blows (while S.P.G. is active), and more until you hit your limit and the REV Meter overheats. Balance your heat level and keep the pressure on your opponent to fight at full throttle!”

    Additionally, some classic battle systems from the Fatal Fury series have returned. Combination Attacks, Just Defense, Braking, Dodge Attacks, Feints, and the previously mentioned S.P.G. are now contributing to City of the Wolves‘s combat.

    The two control schemes introduced for Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves are Arcade Style and Smart Style. The Arcade Style caters to players who prefer precise and technical inputs. On the other hand, Smart Style supports accessibility, allowing players to execute flashy special moves and combos with simplified directional inputs and single button presses. Both styles are optional, so players can enjoy the game in multiple ways. For more information on the game, check out the official website

    Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves will be playable at EVO Japan 2024, along with the new Hunter x Hunter 2D fighting game. SNK fans attending EVO Japan 2024 can expect to learn the game’s mechanics there.

    Lastly, Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves releases in early 2025, platforms have yet to be announced.

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