Natsume Ryouran: High-Spec Noukin Youko no Renai Kitan Announced

    Starring the popular VTuber Natsume Kamishiro.

    Rabbitfoot, a new visual novel brand by CyberStep, revealed Natsume Ryouran: High-Spec Noukin Youko no Renai Kitan. This new visual novel features fully voiced ASMR featuring popular VTuber Natsume Kamishiro.

    Natsume Ryouran: High-Spec Noukin Youko no Renai Kitan will release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, Android, and PC via Steam, BOOTH, and DLsite. The visual novel will launch first for Nintendo Switch and PC this summer in Japan, however. Release dates for the other platforms have not been revealed yet. 

    Natsume Ryouran: High-Spec Noukin Youko no Renai Kitan Pre-Orders

    According to Natsume herself on Twitter, pre-orders for Natsume Ryouran: High-Spec Noukin Youko no Renai Kitan will begin on Saturday, March 9 at 00:00 (midnight JST). A limited version of the game will be available to just 100 people with a custom, special message by Natsume. 

    A western release for the game has not been confirmed, but it’s highly likely to come to English-speaking fans around the world.

    Lastly, here’s an overview of the game, via Gematsu:

    You are an exorcist, and your partner and (hopelessly inseparable) childhood friend Natsume Kamishiro is a fox spirit. Together, you bear the important duty of exterminating yokai in order to maintain peace in the city.


    Today, Natsume is on so-called “patrol” again, and takes you out into the city with her. She takes you to the shopping district, amusement park, public park, pool, card shop… all while completely disregarding yokai extermination!

    A high-spec muscle-brain who is occasionally enchanting… even as you’re led by the carefree Natsume, can you still fulfill your duty to exterminate yokai?

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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