Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Mooglet Catching Minigame Guide

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is chock full of curiosities. None greater so than the huge mushroom houses. What do these strange buildings house? Moogles, of course! These wonderful little mascots have some utility in this game, but their services come at a cost. Glorified babysitting… Use our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Mooglet Catching Minigame Guide to help you wrangle up the rascally mooglets!

    Be sure to read our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review. You can find more information about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth directly from the game’s website. Visit the PlayStation Store page to purchase the game or try out the demo if you’re on the fence!

    Discovering Mog Houses

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Moogle

    While you’re out and about exploring the vast regions of Gaia, you may notice some conspicuous stumps with… MOG? Written on them. These are homes to the mysterious Moogles! These creatures will exchange some very useful goods for the Moogle Medals you can find during your journey! Keep in mind, that you can’t access these places until you start working with Chadley to gather World Intel. If you have trouble spotting these Mog houses, use nearby towers to give you the necessary map data.

    Catching Mooglets

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Mooglet Catching Minigame

    Your main goal is to get the mooglets back to the house. However, these mischievous little creatures will try their darndest to stay outside and play. Little rascals! Avoid their tricks with quick maneuvers and dodges. They will run straight away from you, so position yourself carefully so that you send them towards their home. You can also chase the mooglets into obstacles like whirlwinds to stun them. You can grab them and carry them back home if you stun them, helping you avoid any extra trouble! Once you have caught them all, the adult Moogle will offer its mercantile services to you as thanks!

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