Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Rude and Elena Boss Fight Guide

    Cloud and company's first encounter with the Turks in Rebirth...

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a deep and expansive RPG, with tons of content on offer. When you’re not exploring the vast, quest-filled world, you’re probably kicking back and chipping away at the main story, the meat of any FF game worth its salt. Interspersed between immaculate cutscenes and atmospheric dungeons are a multitude of high-octane boss fights. During Chapter 3, you will encounter the Turks, Rude and Elena, in the Mythril Mine. Use our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Rude and Elena Boss Fight Guide to assist you in your endeavor to best these Shinra suits!

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    Rude and Elena Weaknesses and Tips

    Both Rude and Elena are mostly physical attackers, but they have some ranged attacks up their sleeves. These can be easily guarded. Elena is weak to electricity while Rude is weak to wind. Equip the proper material or purchase the proper Folio skills so that you can easily pressure them at a moment’s notice with some magic. One of the easiest ways to pressure them is with your own powerful physical abilities! Fight fire with fire, so to speak.

    Rude and Elena Phase 1

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Rude and Elena Boss Fight Guide

    This first phase involves Rude and Elena using highly telegraphed attacks that take time to charge. Use Cloud’s Punisher mode attacks and Tifa’s fast attacks to quickly fill your ATB bars. If you use attacks like Cloud’s Braver and Tifa’s Divekick you can knock the Turks out of their attack-charging states. This will also pressure them, making it a cinch to fill their stagger meter. 

    Rude and Elena Phase 2

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Rude and Elena Boss Fight Guide

    This phase starts with the Turk duo charging up their own Synergy Ability. You can interrupt this by staggering them. Use abilities that increase stagger and exploit their elemental weaknesses. If you can’t accomplish this, back off and guard to minimize the damage taken. They now have more skills during this phase, but that’s nothing some well-timed guards and an offensive onslaught can’t solve. These new skills include grenades and other attacks, paying attention to how these attacks work will allow you to properly dodge or block. Focus on one Turk at a time and use strong skills along with Limit Breaks/Synergy Abilities if you want.

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