Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Midgardsormr Boss Fight Guide

    The iconic Midgardsormr returns in high fidelity!

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a deep and expansive RPG, with tons of content on offer. When you’re not exploring the vast, quest-filled world, you’re probably kicking back and chipping away at the main story, the meat of any FF game worth its salt. Interspersed between immaculate cutscenes and atmospheric dungeons are a multitude of high-octane boss fights. Near the end of Chapter 2, you will encounter the Midgardsormr in the swamps of the Grasslands. Use our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Midgardsormr Boss Fight Guide to assist you in your endeavor to best this powerful fiend!

    Be sure to read our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review. You can find more information about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth directly from the game’s website. Visit the PlayStation Store page to purchase the game or try out the demo if you’re on the fence!

    Midgardsormr Weaknesses and Tips

    Throughout the Midgardsormr fight, it will have several attacks that can completely wreck you. It has both close and ranged attacks, so staying on your guard is a valid tactic. However, slapping this snake with some powerful offensive attacks along with exploiting its weaknesses will help put it in its place swiftly! This sneaky snake is weak to ice and synergy abilities. So, be prepared with some Ice Materia and use a party that has synergy skills with one another!

    Midgardsormr Phase 1

    This is the most straightforward phase of the battle. The Midgardsormr will mostly attack you physically, so defending and using things like Cloud’s Punisher Mode parry will benefit you. Popping off Synergy Abilities and using Blizzard magic is key to pressuring this beast and filling its Stagger meter. Just wear down on the snake to progress the fight.

    Midgardsormr Phase 2

    The Midgardsormr will start pummeling the party with some new skills. It has a long-range fire breath and a biting grab attack that can restrict you and your allies. Scorching Breath is done in a sweeping motion, with a limited area of coverage. You can minimize your damage taken by guarding or avoid being hit outright if you maneuver behind the fiend. Well-timed dodges and constant movement will help prevent its binding bite attack from snatching somebody up. Keep up the pressure and continue exploiting its weaknesses when you get the chance. 

    Midgardsormr Phase 3

    This final phase forces the Midgardsormr into playing its trump card, Beta. This super-powerful attack can deal a ton of damage and really put you at a disadvantage. There is a guaranteed way to avoid it though, stay on dry land. Beta courses through the water, so run for the islands in the surrounding swamp to avoid the attack. This is the final phase of the fight, so try your best to stagger the Midgarsormr with its weaknesses. If you stagger it or get it to low HP I recommend popping your Limit Breaks or Synergy Abilities. 

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    Payne Grist
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