Street Fighter 6 Reveals Mega-Man Collaboration Fighting Pass

    New Mega-Man cosmetics coming through!

    Street Fighter 6 will be having a collaboration with the Mega-Man franchise. This news comes from Street Fighter‘s official X/Twitter account.

    Street Fighter 6 has collaborated with popular franchises such as SPY x Family, Baki the Grappler, and many more. Numerous players have participated in these collaborations, making Capcom consider doing more. Now, a new collaboration is here, and there is much to experience.

    Street Fighter 6 x Mega-Man – What To Expect

    Street Fighter 6 Mega-Man Gala Fighting Pass displaying all the rewards you can get

    The Mega-Man Gala Fighting Pass, including multiple cosmetics, is coming to Street Fighter 6. Ranging from avatar gear to stickers, players can expect to customize their SF6 experience with this new Fighting Pass. The included photo frame allows you to take a picture with Roll and Rush from the Mega-Man series.

    Additionally, the classic game being featured for this collaboration is Mega-Man: The Power Battle. This 1995 arcade game focused on one-on-one combat against a series of bosses from the Mega-Man titles ranging from Mega-Man 1 to 7. Considering that Street Fighter 6 is also a fighting game, it makes sense that Capcom chose this game.

    Moreover, this Fighting Pass will give you Fighter Coins. You can use these coins to obtain various in-game items and additional DLC characters and stages. For players looking to grab this in-game currency, you won’t want to miss this.

    This collaboration arrives to SF6 in March, but no specific date was specified. Regardless, stay tuned for more information to be revealed.

    Finally, the description for the Mega-Man Gala Fighting Pass reads, “Ready? The Mega Man Gala Fighting Pass slides into Street Fighter 6 in March! Get cosmetic items like avatar gear, photo frames, and stickers featuring the iconic Blue Bomber. You can also get Fighter Coins! The Battle Hub will also undergo a charming transformation to celebrate the Fighting Pass. We’re planning on hosting another voting event so you can earn more Drive Tickets in the near future!”

    Watch the trailer below via Capcom:

    Street Fighter 6 is available now on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC via Steam, and Xbox Series X|S. 

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