Mother 3 Now Available With Nintendo Switch Online in Japan

    No localization here.

    Nintendo announced that classic Game Boy Advance game Mother 3 is now available for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack in Japan. Unfortunately, the game is still not localized for fans in the west. 

    2024 marks 30 years since Mother 2 launched on August 27, 1994 in Japan for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game came to the west one year later on June 5, 1995 as EarthBound. The iconic RPG was re-released several times in the past two decades, including a release for the SNES Nintendo Switch Online app. However, the sequel, Mother 3, continues to elude fans outside of Japan. 

    Mother 3 on Nintendo Switch Online

    Players in Japan with a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription may now play Mother 3 by loading up the Game Boy Advance – Nintendo Switch Online app on the console. In the west, subscribers instead received Killer InstinctBattletoads in BattlemaniacsSnake Rattle N Roll, R.C. Pro-Am, and Blast Corps.

    Watch the new trailer from the Japanese Nintendo Direct: 

    Moreover, Hobonichi MOTHER Project confirms new Mother 3 merchandise will be sold in Japan.

    On New Year’s Day 2024, Hobonichi MOTHER Project teased “various plans” for EarthBound, including new merchandise, a new type of event, a collaboration, and “a measuring stick.” At the time, the official website also teases “things that were decided” and reveals that will come at a later date.

    Lastly, EarthBound and EarthBound Beginnings are available now for Nintendo Switch with a Nintendo Switch Online membership in English. Here’s an overview of the EarthBound games, via Nintendo:

    Join Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo in their quest to fulfill an age-old prophecy to stop the wicked Giygas (and maybe catch a Runaway Five concert along the way) in the fan-favorite Super NES classic EarthBound. In addition, travel back to 198X for EarthBound Beginnings, a localized version of the original Famicom Mother game. Both EarthBound and EarthBound Beginnings are playable with a Nintendo Switch Online membership!

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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