TriggerHeart Exelica Switch Physical Editions Revealed

    Published by Red Art Games.

    Red Art Games have revealed the physical editions of Cosmo Machia’s shoot ’em up TriggerHeart Exelica, which releases this year for Nintendo Switch in the west. 

    TriggerHeart Exelica was originally developed for Japanese arcades by Warashi, and the game first launched in May 2006. The game would release on SEGA Dreamcast in 2007 and Xbox 360 in 2008, followed by PlayStation 2 in 2009. In 2023, Cosmo Machia acquired the rights to the game and released a remaster on December 14, 2023 in Japan after a successful Makuake crowdfunding campaign.

    TriggerHeart Exelica Switch Physical Editions

    In North America, Video Games Plus will sell the physical TriggerHeart Exelica Special Edition for $54.99 CAD featuring the Switch physical copy, an exclusive coin, and a double-sided poster. In Europe, Red Art Games will sell Deluxe and Collector’s Editions of the game. Both regions will receive standard editions as well.

    Here’s a breakdown of the Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition, via Gematsu:

    • Deluxe Edition (500 PEGI-rated copies, – €39.99
      • Physical copy with reversible cover art
      • Exclusive sleeve inspired by the game’s 128-bit versions
      • Exclusive coin An exclusive Triggerheart EXELICA coin
      • Double-sided poster
    • Collector’s Edition (500 PEGI-rated copies) – €69.99
      • Physical copy with reversible cover art inspired by the game’s 128-bit versions
      • Original soundtrack CD
      • Acrylic stand
      • Large double-sided poster
      • Deluxe Edition’s double-sided poster

    The Nintendo Switch version of TriggerHeart Exelica features a new “Arrange” Mode with difficulty adjustments and a Training Mode for newcomers. The game also includes Arcade Mode, Story Mode, vertical screen play, online rankings, and Sound Mode. Moreover, those with a Japanese Nintendo eShop account may purchase and download the 

    Lastly, here’s an overview of the story from the official website:


    Far away… In a system so distant that the light from its stars will never reach Earth… A war was drawing to a close

    Exelica and Crueltear—humanoid weapons system called Triggerhearts developed by C.H.I.L.D.A., an interplanetary defense organization—were sent to join the fight against the autonomous combat unit known as the Ver’mith.

    In the midst of the battle, just as they had taken the upper hand over the Ver’mith, Exelica and Crueltear were accidentally sent to Earth using an emergency teleportation gate activated by the Ver’mith.

    Finding themselves on an unknown planet and without the strength to return home, the injured Triggerhearts were despondent as they did not even have the means to learn the outcome of the battle.

    They had just about recovered from their wounds and had finally begun to consider Earth as a haven… when it happened.

    A nightmarish vision filled the sky. The remains of the Ver’mith forces had arrived. The gate had re-opened…

    Although the Ver’mith forces had departed at the same time as Exelica and Crueltear, the gate’s instability had caused a lag in their arrival.

    The Ver’mith had chosen Earth as their new base of operations. The invasion had begun. Exelica and Crueltear knew they had no choice but to fight to protect their new home.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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