Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 Review – A New Arc Begins

    New Arc, New Beginnings!

    Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 introduces a new story arc after finishing what was left of the previous chapter. We get to see old and new characters setting the stage for the story. Moreover, there is a huge tease about what we should expect the new villain to be. Before that, let’s talk about what happened in Chapter 100.

    In Chapter 100, the story features the final battle against Cell Max. With help from his allies, Beast Gohan defeats the powerful enemy using a modified version of Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon. This victory significantly grows Gohan’s abilities and symbolizes his deepening bond with Piccolo. The aftermath brings redemption for Dr. Hedo and Gamma 1, who are offered positions at Capsule Corporation. Additionally, the chapter hints at future challenges with the Red Ribbon Army and teases Pan’s developing powers and potential for greater involvement in future battles. Also, congratulations to Vegeta for getting his rare victory over Goku in a battle. But will Vegeta be able to score another victory in this new arc? Let’s talk about it!

    Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 – Red Ribbon Army’s Future

    This story section interested me the most out of all the ones in this chapter. The chapter starts off with a conversation between Carmine and a Red Rebbin official while driving. After President Magenta died in the previous arc, some people in the Red Ribbon Army questioned the organization’s future. While Carmine agrees about how scary things look for the army, he notes that the funds and resources still remain. However, he states that the army cannot be revived if Goku and his friends remain alive.

    Through their car ride, they notice Goten and Trunks fighting against criminals trying to rob a bank. Carmine shows great interest in them and invites them to eat pizza to ask if they could beat up “some bad guy” for him. This “bad guy” he is referring to is Gohan, but Goten and Trunks don’t know this. Goten and Trunks continue to deny the request until Carmine states that the “bad guy” is seeking to plot world domination. Both boys eventually give in, and all of them go towards Gohan.

    In the later parts of the chapter, they eventually find Gohan, and obviously, it doesn’t go so well for Carmine and his colleague. However, this does tease some future developments for this arc. I feel like Carmine might try to look for someone really strong and recruit them so that they can defeat Goku and his friends. He also could be looking to create another Android even stronger than Cell Max, using the funds and resources that the army still has. I, for one, would love to see more Red Ribbon Army action. They already know that there are extremely strong people on Earth, so what would be their next move?

    Catching Up On Beerus’ Planet

    We go right back to Beerus’ Planet where Vegeta and Broly are sparring against each other. Vegeta wants Broly to take control of his anger and not lose himself to it. This will be the key to Broly becoming stronger in his eyes. Goku is so excited to see both of them fight against each other, and Whis mentions that Broly has shown growth, but the true training has only just begun.

    Cheelai appears later and talks about how careless the fighters are. She mentions that Frieza could show up at any moment with his new black form, and they need to get serious. When Goku is reminded about that, he says that he is still impressed that Frieza trained that hard to surpass him. Beerus adds to the conversation, saying that once Goku surpasses him, he will be nominated as the next God of Destruction. This reminds Beerus that the Earth was on the brink of destruction recently.

    Whis tells everyone that it was Gohan who ended up saving the world. According to Bulma, Gohan might have gotten stronger than Goku and Vegeta in that battle. I’m sure for many Gohan fans, this is great to hear. I think everyone can agree that Gohan deserved so much more in Dragon Ball. He has always had the potential to be insanely strong. Gohan has been keeping up with his training, so it’s well-earned. Let’s hope that there’s more in store for Gohan in the future.

    Goku and Gohan Meet Again!

    Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 ends with Goten, Trunks, and Carmine arriving at Gohan’s house. Carmine ignorantly shoots up Gohan’s house and summons him. Gohan, understandably angry, transforms into Beast form after recognizing them from before. Goku and Vegeta detect his energy and become shocked. As you can see, Carmine is really not a bright person, so this is all just not looking too good for him. After recognizing Goten and Trunks, Gohan demands their answers about what is happening. Suddenly, Goku appears on top of the car, and it’s just one big family reunion. 

    I’m sure that Goku will be asking Gohan many questions about his new form and perhaps even inviting him to train at Beerus’ Planet. So far, this arc is already looking to be very exciting, and I can’t wait for what they do with Gohan!

    The Next Chapter

    Chapter 101 is finished, but you can expect Chapter 102 to be released next month! Catch it with VIZ Media on February 18 at 11:00 a.m. EDT / February 19 at 12:00 a.m. JST. Don’t miss out!

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