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    As a long-time fan of the Tekken series, my anticipation for Tekken 8 has been growing steadily. It’s been nearly 30 years since Tekken 1 was released in 1994, and the franchise has come a long way. With its release set for January 26, 2024, Tekken 8‘s recent drop of the demo on PlayStation 5 has given players like myself a golden opportunity to get a first-hand experience of what’s to come. My detailed impressions of the Tekken 8 demo cover everything from menu design to combat mechanics.

    Tekken 8 Demo Impressions – Simple Yet Effective Menu Design

    The main menu displayed in the Tekken 8 demo, which left great impressions on me

    Right off the bat, the Tekken 8 demo sets a tone of intensity and organization. The initial screen is striking, featuring Kazuya’s detailed and menacing face. It’s a great way to set the stage for what’s to come, as Kazuya is the game’s main villain. Considering that Heihachi’s face is on the Tekken 7 menu, it’s a nice touch. Now that Kazuya killed Heihachi, it’s only fitting that he would take his place.

    The menu design maintains a streamlined and user-friendly interface with well-organized columns. The columns represented are story mode, offline battles, online battles, customization, and replays. A particularly nifty feature is a specific column for quick access to any mode. This column benefits players eager to jump right into the action. Notably, the inclusion of effect brightness accessibility options is a thoughtful touch. This accessibility option caters to players who are sensitive to flashy visual effects. The overall simplicity and organization in the menu design prevent players from feeling overwhelmed, ensuring a smooth interface experience.

    Comprehensive Story Recap

    With Tekken 8 being the new hot fighting game releasing soon, many players, including new ones, will be playing. Some will play solely for the fighting, but others will play it for the story. However, if you are a new Tekken player, you might not understand the context of what’s going on. It will be easy to feel lost playing the story when you haven’t played the previous seven games. But don’t worry, Tekken 8 is very much aware of this problem.

    Tekken 8 doesn’t just throw you into the game’s story without prior knowledge. For newcomers and veterans alike, the game offers a full recap of the Tekken story, spanning its long history. With Heihachi’s demise and the ensuing father-son showdown between Jin and Kazuya, the storyline is more intriguing than ever. Accessible through the gallery, the game presents seven videos, each briefly summarizing the events of the previous Tekken games. This clever feature lets new players grasp the storyline and appreciate the narrative continuity. 

    A Brief and Explosive Story Introduction

    There seems to be a recent trend of demos that allows you to play through a bit of the story before the official release. Final Fantasy XVI did this same thing and received much feedback. I like it because it lets players get their first impressions before purchasing the game. Thankfully, Bandai Namco chose to release a Tekken 8 demo and include the story mode. I am happy to say that the story mode of the Tekken 8 demo left great impressions on me.

    Although the demo only includes the first chapter of the story mode, it’s a spectacular introduction. It features an array of CGI cutscenes, an intense boss battle, and a mix of new and familiar characters. The storyline in the demo is intentionally vague, leaving much to the imagination and anticipation for the full release. This approach effectively hooks the player, promising an engaging story experience in the full game.

    A More Accessible and Complex Combat System

    Kazuya and Jin fighting against each other in combat in Tekken 8, which left great impressions on me in the demo

    A new fighting game release breeds a recent conversation about how fighting games should cater to newcomers. On one hand, you want to keep the game complex and deep enough for high-level players to enjoy it. On the other hand, you want casuals and new players to have an easy time joining in on the fight.

    Tekken‘s signature 3D combat system returns with a focus on up-close brawling and strategic movement. Tekken 8 introduces two major gameplay innovations: Heat Mode and Special Style. Special Style, like Street Fighter 6‘s modern controls, offers simplified inputs for complex combos. Moreover, the Special Style mode can be toggled on and off mid-battle. This feature is a game-changer, offering an accessible yet deep combo experience. Heat Mode, another new addition, is a timed power boost, allowing for devastating moves and combos. For players interested in excellent resources in fighting games that buff your character, this is one you might like!

    Furthermore, Tekken 8 simplifies the overwhelming move lists by introducing a ‘main techniques’ tab. This tab focuses on key moves essential for mastering each character. A common concern among players is that the move lists consist of many moves. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it makes new players feel overloaded. Surely, this new change will help players take their time learning the game.

    Tekken 8 Demo Impressions – A Promising Future

    Tekken 8 Story Trailer Dives Deep Into 'The Dark Awakens'

    In conclusion, the Tekken 8 demo left great impressions on me. It is a promising glimpse into what could be a groundbreaking addition to the Tekken series. Its thoughtful design, engaging storytelling, and innovative combat mechanics set a new bar for the franchise, leaving players like myself eagerly awaiting the full release.

    Tekken 8 launches on January 26, 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Check out our pre-order guide for more information.

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