Street Fighter 6: How To Use Modern Controls

    A new gameplay style arrives!

    Street Fighter 6 has many different control types to use in battle. Classic and dynamic are two of those types, but there is one more important mode. Today, we will be going over the modern controls SF6 type as well as it’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Modern Controls SF6 Guide – Normal Attacks

    With the modern control type, the general goal is to give the player easy inputs for every special and mechanic. The big change I want to talk about are the normal attacks. In Street Fighter, you generally have 12 normal attacks at your disposal. However, in SF6 modern controls reduces it to 6 normal attacks.

    You have 3 standing attacks and 3 crouching attacks. This is important because your character loses attacks in this control type. So you should play around with your character’s normal attacks in modern and see which ones you have. 

    Easy-Input Special Moves

    This is arguably the biggest strength of modern control type. You can use one input special moves instead of having to do a hard motion for it.

    Pressing the triangle button allows your neutral special moves to come out. From there, you can input back, down, and forward plus triangle to get your different special moves out. 

    Easy-Input Supers

    Just like with the special moves previously, you can input any direction plus triangle and circle to get super moves. 

    Assist Button

    By holding the assist button and mashing any attack button, you will get an auto-combo. Holding the assist button and pressing the attack button once will make a normal attack come out.

    Remember when I said that you have less normal attacks in modern controls? There are extra normal attacks given to you when you hold the assist button and press any attack button. 

    Extra Buttons

    Last but not least, the mechanics and throw in modern control can be used by one button. You can throw with L2, drive impact with L1, and drive parry is R1.

    Modern Controls SF6 Guide: Closure

    Street Fighter 6

    Modern controls is great type to use not only for new players, but folks wanting to quickly learn new characters. Tell us what you think about the control type!

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