Silent Hope – Caster Character Guide

    A Caster's journey to the Great Crystal on the precipice of the Abyss

    Silent Hope is an abyss-deep dungeon-crawling, action RPG! In this title, players have the choice of using seven unique protagonists. Power them up, swap them in and out, and brave the horrors of the Abyss. Use our Silent Hope Caster Character guide to learn integral story and gameplay information on this enigmatic Adventurer!

    Caster Character Bio

    “Grew up alongside many brothers and sisters.
    Since they weren’t very wealthy, everyone had to work to make ends meet.
    He hated watching his siblings suffer, and so decided to learn the art of alchemy to make a living.
    After a mere three years, his intellect and abilities surpassed even that of the world’s most renowned alchemists.

    So great was his skill that he soon amassed a sizeable following of admiring apprentices.
    But in a world without words, none of them could quite keep up with his genius.
    While he tried his best to communicate through simple vocalizations and invented scripts, these would mysteriously vanish as soon as they manifested.

    “How can I pass on my knowledge without words?” he thought. “There must be some way to break this spell constraining our speech…”
    Determined to find an answer, he set off on a journey, his carefree smile masking confident conviction.

    As if guided by a divine hand, the Caster eventually found himself standing before the Great Crystal.”

    Silent Hope Caster


    The Caster is calm, collected, and cool. He runs the Atelier at the Base Camp and is more than willing to lend you his aid in creating usable materials for the Forge. Oh yeah, and his combat prowess carries a lot of utility and function. He focuses on ranged attacks and stalling enemies much like the Archer.

    Caster All Skills (Silent Hope)

    Silent Hope Wanderer Skills

    The Caster has a lot of ranged skills and skills used to keep enemies away. Use these to get out of harm’s way while casting some potent magic.

    • Caster
      • Magic Sphere
        • Release a slow-moving magical orb that disappears after dealing 5 hits.
          • Damage Type: Magic
          • Cooldown: 6.0s
      • Black Hole
        • Create a gravity field that draws in enemies and increases the damage they take.
          • Cooldown: 13.0s
      • Explosion
        • Shoot a magical orb that explodes upon impact.
          • Damage Type: Magic
          • Cooldown: 8.0s
    • Sage
      • Impact
        • Cast a magical explosion centered on yourself, stunning enemies around you.
          • Damage Type: Magic
          • Effect Duration: 4.0s
          • Cooldown: 7.0s
      • Sattelite
        • Summon 2 magical orbs that circle an axis centered on your original position
          • Damage Type: Magic
          • Cooldown: 12.0s
      • Magic Barrier
        • Erect a barrier that temporarily turns you invincible.
          • Effect Duration: 5.0s
          • Cooldown: 34.0s
    • Summoner
      • Summon Slicer
        • Summon 2 shadow familiars that unleash slash attacks centered on you.
          • Damage Type: Slashing
          • Cooldown: 13.0s
      • Summon Crusher
        • Summon 2 shadow familiars that pound the ground in front of you, stunning enemies.
          • Damage Type: Blunt
          • Cooldown: 13.0s
      • Summon Stinger
        • Summon 2 shadow familiars that fire a magic missile.
          • Damage Type: Piercing
          • Cooldown: 13.0s

    Caster Playstyle

    The Caster isn’t meant to be up close and personal. Use his ranged attacks to begin dealing damage and then stun or lock your enemies in place in order to drop some explosions on them. He even has some great support and bonus effects. He can eventually make himself invulnerable for a short time or deal extra damage to enemies that are under the effect of his spells.

    That’s a wrap for the basics on the Caster from Silent Hope! Keep an eye on Final Weapon for the latest and greatest Japanese gaming news coverage! Including more on Silent Hope. Wanna try the game? Purchase the game or try the free demo on Nintendo eshop or Steam! Be sure to check out our review of the game to learn more about this ‘Satisfying, Roguelike Adventure’!

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