Silent Hope – Fighter Character Guide

    A Fighter's journey to the Great Crystal on the precipice of the Abyss

    Silent Hope is an abyss-deep dungeon-crawling, action RPG! In this title, players have the choice of using seven unique protagonists. Power them up, swap them in and out, and brave the horrors of the Abyss. Use our Silent Hope Fighter Character guide to learn integral story and gameplay information on this enigmatic Adventurer!

    Fighter Character Bio

    “Born to a rich family of great repute.
    As the eldest daughter, she embraced this prestige and wore it like a badge of honor.

    Yet beneath this calm facade was a young woman with a very short fuse.
    She took great care to prevent that anger from taking control.

    And she succeeded, until the incident.
    At a gala, one of the guests spilled their drink over her dear friend on purpose.
    After witnessing this shameful display, she cooly tried to correct their behavior.
    But this proved near impossible in a world without words.
    Soon she grew impatient with the guest’s dismissiveness and surrendered to her temper.
    When she returned to her senses and saw the fresh red handprint across the guest’s cheek, she ran away, ashamed of letting her rage get the best of her.

    As if guided by a divine hand, the Fighter eventually found herself standing before the Great Crystal.”

    Silent Hope Fighter


    The Fighter’s fisticuffs aren’t dainty despite her upbringing! She hits hard and fast with skills that improve her attack speed and skills that dish out incredible damage. However, an aspect of her that more properly reflects her upbringing is her amazing cooking ability. Pull up a seat at the Base Camp and let her prepare you some tasty food to prepare you for your next Abyss jump.

    Fighter All Skills (Silent Hope)

    Silent Hope Wanderer Skills

    The Fighter’s skills focus on powerful attacks and support skills that make her faster, heal her, or even stun her enemies (leaving them open for a huge smack on the noggin).

    • Fighter
      • Grapple
        • Launch your weapon to stun and pull enemies toward you. (Doesn’t affect certain enemies.)
          • Damage Type: Blunt
          • Cooldown: 5.0s
      • Power Punch
        • Hit an enemy with a powerful thrust.
          • Damage Type: Blunt
          • Cooldown: 7.0s
      • Fancy Footwork
        • Temporarily increases your movement and attack speed.
          • Effect Duration: 10.0s
          • Cooldown: 20.0s
    • Battle Master
      • Bullet Punch
        • Fire a burst of energy
          • Damage Type: Magic
          • Cooldown: 6.0s
      • Hurricane Punch
        • Spin while unleashing a punch as powerful as a great typhoon.
          • Damage Type: Blunt
          • Cooldown: 9.0s
      • Battle Veil
        • Gain temporary invincibility. If you take a hit, you’ll briefly stun and do more damage to enemies around you.
          • Stun Duration: 4.0s
          • Cooldown: 8.0s
    • Destroyer
      • Rush
        • Dash forward and stun enemies with a rapid series of attacks.
          • Damage Type: Blunt
          • Effect Duration: 3.0s
          • Cooldown: 15.0s
      • Gemini
        • Unleash 2 balls of energy that draw in nearby monsters before exploding.
          • Damage Type: Magic
          • Cooldown: 10.0s
      • Encircle
        • Create a special field centered around you. Stand within it to increase your attack power and restore HP after defeating enemies.
          • Field Duration 15.0s
          • Cooldown: 30.0s

    Fighter Playstyle

    The Fighter hits hard and more quickly than other characters. She has a severe lack of ranged options and isn’t always good at closing the distance to her foes. Heck, one of her ranged attacks brings enemies TO you. However, this allows you to really lay down some hurt. If you combine this with her great support skills, you can most certainly make it out of any scrap.

    That’s a wrap for the basics on the Fighter from Silent Hope! Keep an eye on Final Weapon for the latest and greatest Japanese gaming news coverage! Including more on Silent Hope. Wanna try the game? Purchase the game or try the free demo on Nintendo eshop or Steam! Be sure to check out our review of the game to learn more about this ‘Satisfying, Roguelike Adventure’!

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