Silent Hope – Farmer Character Guide

    A Farmer's journey to the Great Crystal on the precipice of the Abyss

    Silent Hope is an abyss-deep dungeon-crawling, action RPG! In this title, players have the choice of using seven unique protagonists. Power them up, swap them in and out, and brave the horrors of the Abyss. Use our Silent Hope Farmer Character guide to learn integral story and gameplay information on this enigmatic Adventurer!

    Farmer Character Bio

    “Born in a rural community of mostly elderly farmers.
    With so few kids around, her older neighbors spoiled her as if she were their own child.
    Of course, her grandparents treasured her most of all.

    One day, an old neighbor passed away.
    For the first time, she knew true grief and loss.

    She realized then that someday soon she would have to bid a final farewell to her own loved ones.
    “Before that day comes,” she thought, “I want you all to know just how much I care!”
    But in a world without words, she had no way to express those feelings.

    Then, she had an idea.
    She would set off on a journey to collect the world’s most delicious sweets as a gift for her beloved grandparents.

    As if guided by a divine hand, the Farmer eventually found herself standing before the Great Crystal.”

    Silent Hope Farmer


    The Farmer is a very cheery and sporadic gal. Her skills reflect this as they involve her causing a ruckus, calling on animal friends, and even eating a snack in the middle of the Abyss! She puts her farming skills to good use at the Base Camp by farming up tons of yummy veggies! When she isn’t in the fields you may just catch her playing idol up on her makeshift stage!

    Farmer All Skills (Silent Hope)

    Silent Hope Wanderer Skills

    The Farmer’s skills have some randomness to them, but they all have their utilities. There’s some stun moves, knockback moves, and even skills that buff her up or debuff her enemies.

    • Farmer
      • Outta My Way!
        • Charge with your spear, scattering and stunning any enemies in your path.
          • Damage Type: Piercing
          • Effect Duration: 3.0s
          • Cooldown: 7.5s
      • Butterfly Buddy!
        • Summon a butterfly that travels in a straight line, poisoning and confusing any enemy it touches.
          • Effect Duration: 5.0s
          • Cooldown: 12.0s
      • Snack Time!
        • Harvest and eat a vegetable to trigger a random effect.
          • Effect Duration: 7.0s
          • Cooldown: 20.0s
    • Ranger
      • Away You Go!
        • Throw your weapon at a monster to knock them back.
          • Damage Type: Piercing
          • Cooldown: 10.0s
      • Birdie Buddies!
        • Summon a squadron of 3 birds that fly after enemies.
          • Damage Type: Piercing
          • Cooldown: 8.0s
      • Get Lost!
        • Unleash a series of rapid attacks in a cone before you.
          • Damage Type: Piercing
          • Cooldown: 6.0s
    • Geomancer
      • Kaboom!
        • Jump up and hurl your weapon to the ground, causing a shockwave that stuns enemies.
          • Damage Type: Piercing
          • Effect Duration: 3.0s
          • Cooldown: 11.0s
      • Oh, Worm!
        • Summon a wiggly friend that draws in monsters with a magic field and damages them.
          • Damage Type: Magic
          • Cooldown: 13.0s
      • Tectonic Tantrum!
        • Stab your weapon into the earth to release a shockwave centered on you that knocks back enemies.
          • Damage Type: Blunt
          • Cooldown: 15.0s

    Farmer Playstyle

    The Farmer’s moveset is diverse, but it still involves taking control of the battlefield. Her attack skills can knock back or draw in enemies. Use this to clump them up and use some of her more normal attacks. Use her animal friends to take some of the heat off of her while using her attack skills to divvy up the enemies into digestible chunks.

    That’s a wrap for the basics on the Farmer from Silent Hope! Keep an eye on Final Weapon for the latest and greatest Japanese gaming news coverage! Including more on Silent Hope. Wanna try the game? Purchase the game or try the free demo on Nintendo eshop or Steam! Be sure to check out our review of the game to learn more about this ‘Satisfying, Roguelike Adventure’!

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