Final Fantasy VII Rebirth World Offers ‘High Degree of Freedom’

    Seven seconds till the end.

    As we draw closer to the Summer Games Fest opening showcase on June 8th, Square Enix has relayed more information about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Yesterday, we got the first new bit of information in almost a year. They revealed that the development team was currently in the process of locking down a release date. Today, in yet another tweet, Square has revealed more information about the world and freedom of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

    The New World

    More information about FF7 Rebirth's open world.

    Director Naoki Hamaguchi revealed more information about the freedom of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and the open world. He stated that “Players will be able to journey across the wide and multifaceted world with a high degree of freedom, experiencing a myriad of different stories along the way.”

    This coincides with previous remarks from the development team about how ambitious the open world of Rebirth is set to be. If you’ll remember, after the characters left Midgar in the original game, the entire world opened up. Players could go all the way from Midgar to Kalm, Nibelheim, and later the Gold Saucer. The amount of freedom in Rebirth could be astounding. It’ll be interesting to see how the world map is adapted for modern hardware on the PlayStation 5.

    However, the biggest takeaway from the new information is how Square Enix appears to be dropping daily news for Rebirth. This means that all the new information is leading up to something specific. Square seemingly intends to answer one question a day. By the time they answer seven questions, it will be the day of the Summer Game Fest showcase. With the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XVI, and with it being almost a year since the initial announcement of Rebirth, it stands to reason that we’ll get more information about the next major Final Fantasy game very soon.

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