IGNISTONE Launches October 3 for Android, iOS, and PC

    A full-fledged roguelike action game with easy controls.

    During INDIE Live Expo 2023, Kodansha and Mono Entertainment announced action roguelike game IGNISTONE launches on October 3 for Android, iOS, and PC via Steam. At launch, the game will support English and Japanese language options.

    Here’s an overview of IGNISTONE via the official Steam page:


    IGNISTONE was suddenly taken from them one day. The adventure of the main character, the lizard tribe, and his companion, the mame tribe, in pursuit of the secret of IGNISTONE begins.
    IGNISTONE is a full-fledged roguelike action game with easy controls.
    Enjoy the cute world view, deep gameplay, and the activities of the main character and his companion Mame!

    IGNISTONE is a roguelike game in which players advance through dungeons by devising combinations of weapons and amulets. Weapons and amulets with various skills are compatible with each other. Find the combination that best suits your taste, whether you prefer attack power, durability, or special moves.

    Game Features

    IGNISTONE features a combination of roguelike elements, in which you combine weapons and amulets to advance, and Sento action elements, in which you use just gat and special moves. Whether you advance with careful preparation or trust your own skill to keep going, the push and pull of the game is IGNISTONE’s greatest pleasure.


    Today is the village ore festival. While all the Mame people in the village gather in the plaza, there is one Mame person who is working suspiciously.
    We are going to defeat him today!”
    He is working hard on something.

    Creator’s Comment

    IGNISTONE is a title developed with the hope that many people can enjoy a full-fledged roguelike game easily. There are many weapons and amulets in the game, but we carefully made it as simple and easy to understand as possible. I am sure that roguelike enthusiasts and beginners alike will enjoy the game. Please warmly watch over the adventures of the main character and his companion Mame.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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