Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya’s Sweet Slice of Hell Releases July 21 for Steam

    A supernatural succubus story.

    Shiravune announced Argonauts and MOONSTONE-developed visual novel Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya’s Sweet Slice of Hell launches on July 21 for PC via Steam. The game’s official Steam page is now live, revealing more details about the upcoming release. 

    In Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya’s Sweet Slice of Hell, players experience a 7-hour story starring protagonist Koichi and heroine Mami Mamiya. Koichi’s life takes a wild turn when he meets the succubus Mami, whose also looking for a partner. Mami takes him to a succubus village hidden from humans with supernatural elements at play. 

    The upcoming Steam release supports English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese language options with Japanese voice overs. Those interested in the title may wishlist it right now by visiting the newly launched Steam page. Moreover, Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya’s Sweet Slice of Hell is an adult only release on Steam.

    Here’s an overview of the visual novel via Shiravune:

    About Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya’s Sweet Slice of Hell


    College dropout Koichi’s life has been nothing but Ls, so when his hard-won job evaporates overnight (again), he heads to Akihabara for some daytime distraction.

    No savings, no career, no girlfriend. Where did it all go wrong?

    He sighs into the crowd, then to no one in particular—

    “…I sure could use a little kindness right about now.”

    But in that moment, feet away, Mami Mamiya is searching, too. This shy she-demon is on the hunt for a human connection, and so Koichi’s story takes a supernatural turn…

    Tempted by fate and an unsolicited invite from Mami, he hitches a car ride to her remote mountain abode. Little does he know he might never return. Or will he…?

    Koichi is soon shocked to learn he’s in no ordinary village, but a succubine sanctuary, hidden from human eyes!

    After years of self-exile and isolation, a son of Adam is just what this hamlet needs to reacquaint itself with the outside world. Demon contact, however, can prove lethal to the average joe…

    Not our Koichi, though. This guy’s built different.

    Main Heroine

    Mami Mamiya
    Voice: Yuki Kitaohji

    Mild and meek with a jealous streak.

    For all her shyness, Mami’s powers are almost second to none. At first, she wasn’t too sold on the idea of befriending mortals, but for Koichi, she’s willing to make an exception. In truth, the two have met once before–at a summer festival years ago–and she’s been hoping to reunite ever since…

    “Apparently, part of the plan was that I’d get to meet my father. If that was even possible… Guess I’ll never know.”

    Key Features
    • Short-ish kinetic VN clocking in at 7+ hours till credits
    • Lush backgrounds, event CGs, and 2D anime-style sprites
    • Monster therapy, free room and board, and a supernatural twist!
    • Veteran cast of professional Japanese voice actors
    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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