Romance Visual Novel Married Girls’ Night School Launches May 16

    Yuki Asado experiences the kindness of girls during night school.

    CyberStep announced romance visual novel Married Girls’ Night School launches on May 16 for PC via Steam worldwide. The upcoming visual novel is coming to Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 at a later date in English. 

    The official Steam page for Married Girls’ Night School is now live, revealing language support for 15 different languages. English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese are among the supported languages. The visual novel will be available for $19.90, and a new promotional video was unveiled. 

    Here’s an overview of the romance visual novel, courtesy of CyberStep: 

    About Married Girls’ Night School

    定時制の人妻JKMarried Girls’ Night School -“ is a novel game that depicts takes place at a night school in which married girls who love young boys meet the protagonist.

    A Bishojo Game released in 2018 under the “Incarose” brand has been reworked for the “PandaShojo” platform for players of all ages worldwide to enjoy.


    Yuki Asado is a “Hikikomori” who stays at home after being bullied. One day, his neighbor Natsuki, who is a teacher, suggests he try going to night school. “It might change your life” Yuki, who thought that this could not go on forever, became excited at this new life.

    He develops a good relationship with his homeroom teacher Natsuki, and his classmates Akira and Sakura. Yuki is finally able to get back on his feet because of their kindness. However, he falls in love with them despite knowing that they are married. How will his new life turn out surrounded by married girls…!

    Character Introduction

    Natsuki Kahara

    “Do you want to give it a try? It might change your life” Although she looks younger than her age, she is married and a mother of one. She is a teacher at the night school and is responsible for Yuki’s class. Although Yuki adores her, he has given up after finding out she is married. She cares about Yuki a lot, perhaps beyond the boundaries of a teacher…

    Akira Takizu

    “You’re always so cute. This might turn into love at first sight”
    No matter how you look at her, she’s a very young married girl that’s around the same age. One of Yuki’s classmates, she aggressively tries to approach him. What could be the reason…

    Sakura Niimi

    “Hehe, you’re so cute when you’re nervous”
    An extremely young looking woman, but is actually the oldest and also a mother of two. Another classmate who heard from Natsuki and Akira about how cute Yuki is and decided to approach him. She gets closer by asking him to choose her nephew’s birthday present together, but what is she really after…?

    Promotional Trailer

    Lastly, Married Girls’ Night School is available now for Nintendo Switch in Japan.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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