Visual Novel Murder Mystery Paradox: Fifteen Years of Summer Announced for PC

    Releasing this year in Japan.

    Aniplex and Fahrenheit 213 announced Murder Mystery Paradox: Fifteen Years of Summer, a brand-new visual novel coming to PC via Steam. The new visual novel was originally teased as “MM Paradox” on its official website.

    Murder Mystery Paradox: Fifteen Years of Summer will be released in 2023 on Steam in Japan. However, the Steam release does not support an English language option. The official Steam page is live with an English description, but this does not directly indicate a potential localization. 

    Here’s an overview of Murder Mystery Paradox: Fifteen Years of Summer via the official Steam page:

    Murder Mystery Paradox: Fifteen Years of Summer is a text-based adventure game. Enter the remote and sparsely populated island of Shikinejima and attempt to solve the strangely recurring mystery found there.


    August, 2004.
    Shikinejima — a secluded island that only a few hundred people call home.

    Fifteen-year-old Itsuki Amazawa has come to visit the island for the very first time.
    At his adoptive mother’s childhood home, he and his newly met cousins pass the summer days in peace and quiet.

    That is, until Itsuki learns the truth about the island…

    Strange incidents known to the locals as “Shikinejima Vanishings” have been occurring around the island.
    And deeply entangled in these puzzling happenings are people that Itsuki holds dear.

    Will he be able to uncover the truth and save those he cares about?

    Game Outline

    “The Culprit Is One of Us”

    Your objective is to investigate this insular island and expose the one responsible for the incidents.
    As you are also a suspect, however, you will find yourself under the scrutiny of others.

    Unravel the mystery before time runs out by speaking with the suspects to gather clues and deduce the truth.
    At the same time, you must clear your own name by gaining trust from those around you.

    Fail to earn enough trust before the end and you may find yourself painted the villain…

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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