Final Fantasy IV – Flan Princess Guide

    Flan Princesses are some of the most elusive enemies in the game. Use our Final Fantasy IV Flan Princess Guide to find them and reap the rewards!

    Purpose of Killing Flan Princesses

    Why would you want to kill Flan Princesses? Why, because they drop the rare Pink Tail item! You get an achievement for it! Also, the Pink Tail can be taken to the guy in the Adamant Isle Grotto near the town of Mythril and exchanged for a set of Adamant Armor. Adamant Armor gives +15 to all stats and has resistances to elements and status effects out of the wazoo.

    Flan Princess Location

    Flan Princesses are located in a single room in the final dungeon, Lunar Subterrane. It is in a room on B5. The room contains a single chest containing a Red Fang. 

    The Flan Princess has a low encounter rate. It is what is considered a ‘rare’ encounter in this area. A guaranteed way to encounter them is to use a Siren.


    Sirens are handy for forcing an encounter with the rarest monster at your current location. They can be bought for cheap from a Hummingway at the Hummingway Home on the Moon. They can also be stolen from Searcher-type enemies, but it’s easier to just buy them.


    The Flan Princess just makes your party go Berserk. They can also inflict Confuse.

    You can just hit the auto battle button to activate a faster battle speed and your party will just destroy them relatively quickly.

    A more involved and efficient way: equip armor and accessories that prevent Berserk and pop off your strong spells, summons, and attacks.

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