Atelier Ryza 3: Underworld Orim Memoir Locations Guide

    Throughout the world of Atelier Ryza 3 you can find adventuring notes called ‘Memoirs’. They can be obtained by various means such as talking to named NPC, finding them on bookshelves, reading signs, and completing quests. Upon obtaining a memoir you can read it for a hint to discover some treasure or find a powerful enemy to fight. A Memoir Marker is also put on your map to help you out. Use our Ryza 3 Underworld Memoirs Guide to help you find them!

    Here’s a quick tip. If you zoom in on your map a little bit you can see NPC locations. Move your cursor over the icons and you can see if they have a name or not. These named NPCs usually have a quest or memoir to give you.

    Atelier Ryza 3 Named NPC
    Checking your map for Named NPCs makes this a cinch!

    Underworld Orim Memoirs

    • Windlass Outskirts Treasure: Holy Site of Urdis | Windle Region (in Windle on easternmost tree house) – Careless Man (Named NPC)
    • Sovereign’s Approach Treasure: Holy Site of Urdis | Windle Region (in Windle on southernmost tree house) – Earnest Oren (Named NPC)
    • The History of the Wave Tuner Clan: Holy Site of Urdis | Windle Region (Windle, Kala’s house) – Bookshelf
    • Windlass Outskirts Materials: Holy Site of Urdis | Windle Region (Near East Entrance of Caves of Insanity) – Complete Quest ‘Professional Exterminator of Philuschia Nests’
    • Path to the Funeral Hall Treasure: Holy Site of Urdis | Windle Region (westernmost treehouse) – Complete Quest “Blossoming the Flowers of the Human World”
    • The Food Situation: Holy Site of Urdis | Windle Region (abandoned village to the west, tallest treehouse) – inside of a Barrel! near the railing
    • Peculiar Power of Windlass Outskirts: Holy Site of Urdis | Windle Region (westernmost treehouse in the tent) – talk to Man Seeking Healing
    • Journal of an Oren Merchant: Bird’s Pass | Devout’s Approch (a small, offshoot cave that’s east of the Small Roadside Cave landmark. Directly north of the Guiding Rock landmark.) – inside of a Barrel!
    • A Wave Tuner Clan Folk Song: Distant Box | Road to Rituals (on a stone sign in the southeasternmost room in the Distant Box ruins. room directly to the east of the A Row of Giant Statues landmark)- read the stone slab
    • A Warrior’s Letter of Encouragement: Distant Box | Road to Rituals (in the small raided treasure room northeast to the A Row of Giant Statues landmark. the northeasternmost room in the south section of the ruins and directly north of the ‘A Waver Tuner Clan Folk Song’ location) – in a Barrel!

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