The Ultimate Guide to English GL/Yuri Manga

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    I’m sure anybody who spends enough time in anime or manga fandoms knows what Yuri is. Anyways, LGBTQ manga has actually been around for a long time. It has historical value along with its entertainment and personal value for some. Our selection of Girl Love manga has grown a lot in recent years due to the hard work of many people and growing acceptance of the general public. Let’s take a look at what publishers have to offer in terms of Yuri manga!

    Yuri From Non-Yuri-Centric Publishers

    Here are some distributors that have GL/Yuri content but don’t deal in it and only it.

    • Denpa
    • Kodansha (along with its Vertical imprint)
    • One Peace Books
    • Seven Seas (Ghost Ship imprint and a GL section)
    • Shojo Beat (part of Viz now)
    • Square Enix Manga
    • Viz
    • Yen Press

    Many manga publishers do have lines or imprints that specialize specifically in GL. Be sure to browse their catalogs to find what you want. Many of their sites do let you filter out genres/themes or have specific sections to easily find the manga you want!

    Well, if I’m being honest this is the only GL/Yuri specialization publisher that I can find. Every other Yuri publisher is either defunct or has been absorbed into other publishers.


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    Lilyka is an imprint of Digital Manga Publishing and specializes in, you guessed it, GL/Yuri manga! Keep in mind, as an imprint of DMP, Lilyka does have a focus on DIGITAL manga. When you purchase a volume you can get a PDF, various EPUBs, or CBZ files. This lets the buyer choose how they want to read their manga and lets them back it up in various ways. This is awesome and its always great when publishers let you do this. While there is a focus on digital distribution, select volumes do have a physical release that you can get your hands on! There are even a few games you can buy! Basically yuri-themed Visual Novels. The site even has a wonderful section that links to social medias of the artists whose work they translate! Truly a wonderful team runs Lilyka.

    Yuri Manga Related Links

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