Octopath Traveler II: What are Latent Powers?

    Octopath Traveler II has a new combat mechanic called Latent Powers. Use our Octopath Traveler II Latent Powers Guide to get the edge in combat!

    What are Latent Powers?

    Latent Powers are a new mechanic. Think Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy. Each character has a gauge that fills as they deal damage, receive damage, and break enemies. When their gauge is filled they can use a powerful attack.

    How to Use Latent Powers

    Latent Powers are extremely easy to use. Just fill your gauge as described in the prior section adn the press ‘X’ or ‘Triangle’. Yep, super easy!

    What Latent Powers are There?

    Each Character has a Latent Power unique to them that provides special skills!

    Hikari: Shadow’s Hold

    • Tenretsuazan – Unleash a highly powerful sword attack on a single foe.
    • Hienka – Unleash a sword attack on a single foe 2 times, then act again at the end of the turn. Only one additional action can be taken per turn.
    • Sougetsusen – Unleash a polearm and sword attack on all foes 1 time each.

    Agnea: All Together Now – Extend the reach of skills to all.

    Partitio: Hoot and Holler – Replenish all your BP in an instant

    Ochette:  Animal Instincts 

    • Beastly Claws – Unleash a powerful physical attack on all foes.
    • Beastly Howl – Reduce the physical defense and elemental defense of all foes for 3 turns, and reduce their Shield Points regardless of their weak points.
    • Beastly Fangs – Unleash a highly powerful physical attack on a single foe.

    Throne: Leave No Trace – Act twice in a single turn.

    Castti: Every Drop Counts – Concoct without using any materials.

    Osvald: Concentrate Spells – Focus spells on a single target with greater potency.

    Temenos:  Judgement – Lower your foe’s Shield Points with any attack.

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