The Legend of Dragoon Bugs Acknowledged by PlayStation

    Hopefully a patch will come sooner than later.

    UPDATE (02/27/23) – PlayStation has released a patch fixing most of if not all of the bugs and glitches introduced in the PS4 & PS5 release of The Legend of Dragoon.


    After more than a decade of silence from Sony regarding the IP, the PS Store release of The Legend of Dragoon for PS4 and PS5 has been celebrated by JRPG fans. Previously only available on its original release platform, PS1, and later PS3 and PSP, this latest re-release makes the game available to 145+ million PlayStation users. Gamers who purchased the 2012 digital drop even get this new one for free! Unfortunately, there’s a catch. Though it’s playable from start to finish, there are a number of newly added bugs in this version of The Legend of Dragoon.

    What new bugs/glitches are there?

    Fans playing the game have been making their voices heard across various forms of social media, and on the game’s Reddit page, a mega-thread has compiled and listed users’ issues. Here are the bugs the PS Plus Premium classic suffers from:

    • Using many of the party’s Dragoon magic spells will cause the game to soft-lock. Astral Drain, Explosion, Wing Blaster, and Moonlight are specifically said to cause problems. As Dragoon magic isn’t immediately accessible, these issues weren’t apparent until players made it a few hours into the game. As with most JRPGs, magic is a key part of battle, and making it through the game without using it requires grinding your characters beyond the need for spells.
    • Many sound effects and voice clips get cut off or sound low-quality. This issue also seems to rear its head only after a few hours of playtime. Using the PS Classics rewind and/or save states seems to exacerbate these issues. This is an especially egregious problem in a game famed for its character’s vocal performances. Each combo you perform ends with a party member yelling the name of their special move. Whether you’re a fan of this cheesiness or you find them grating, having them come out choppy leaves no one happy.
    • Rare framerate dips.
    • The trophy for amassing 7000 Gold is glitched. It’s not unobtainable, but achieving it requires more than the listed requirement of simply holding that much money.
    • Bright green lines/pixels appear around certain parts of environments. This happens most often when using the game’s Retro visual filter.
    The entrance to the city of Bale in The Legend of Dragoon. This image highlights a new visual bug in the game, a set of green pixels showing up at the bottom left of the screen.
    The Legend of Dragoon features some of the most gorgeous pre-rendered backgrounds on the PS1. Though it isn’t a huge eye-sore, these bright green pixels at the bottom left of the scene aren’t supposed to be there and are even more distracting in motion.

    While it could be worse, there’s no denying it: this sucks. Superfans revisiting the game officially for the first time in over a decade feel understandably let down. It’s also a shame that new players have been introduced to The Legend of Dragoon with the least functional version thus far.

    The Good News

    While the slow rollout of PS Classic content and the lingering issues with playing PS2 games on PS5 might lead you to believe these titles aren’t a priority, there’s good news. A dedicated PS Classics employee at PlayStation maintains a thread over at the PlayStation trophy capital of the internet, PSNProfiles. In this thread, the employee keeps up with fan feedback, announces the release of PS Classic patches, and helps users whose licenses haven’t properly transferred from PS3 to PS4/PS5.

    In a screenshot from a thread on PSNProfiles, a PlayStation employee says that feedback about The Legend of Dragoon's PS Plus Premium release has been passed on to the company.

    In a recent post, they stated that the information on the new The Legend of Dragoon bugs has been passed on to their team. While there’s no word on when a patch will come, we now know that Sony is aware of the glitches plaguing the first-party headliner of February’s PS Plus Premium releases. While Sony’s dedication to Premium and their Classics program didn’t seem promising initially, post-release patches for several classics that even go as far as to add trophy support after launch seem to indicate an increased focus on this area of their business.

    Whether you’re planning on powering through and playing through the bugs, or if you’ll be checking out The Legend of Dragoon after its (hopefully) upcoming patch, we’ve got you covered with guides for the game here at Final Weapon.

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