The Legend of Dragoon Trophies Revealed

    No grinding "additions" necessary (but you'll want to anyway).

    Last week when Sony announced the titles that would be coming to its PlayStation Plus subscription service in February, JRPG fans rejoiced at the inclusion of a Japan Studios classic, The Legend of Dragoon. The turn-based title was released for the original PlayStation in 2000 and was a modest success. Though it only officially reached 1.3 million players, its fans are passionate and haven’t stopped singing its praises for 23 years. With little done with The Legend of Dragoon by PlayStation (other than a PS3/PSP port over a decade ago), the game’s community took it upon themselves to give the game a retranslation, a remaster, and an achievement list.

    After all these fans’ hard work to make the game more appealing and accessible for players new and old, it’s fantastic to see PlayStation release the game for PS4 and PS5, making it available to millions more players. And the cherry on top: though trophy support isn’t guaranteed for PS Plus classics, Sony has gone through the effort of making a The Legend of Dragoon trophy list.

    As is the case with most of the PS Plus Classic PS1 and PSP game releases, Sony’s The Legend of Dragoon trophy list isn’t very demanding. It can be assumed that the purpose of trophies for these games is encouraging players to revisit retro titles at all, rather than challenging them to play them in a hardcore or completionist playstyle. Most of TLOD‘s trophies are for gaining party members, story progression, and defeating bosses. Only a few are for non-mandatory activities like gathering collectibles, amassing gold, and beating optional boss monsters.

    How to Avoid Spoilers, But Still Get the Platinum

    With these facts in mind, you’ll want to avoid reading through The Legend of Dragoon‘s trophies if it’s your first time with the game. They aren’t packed with context, but they do, in order, reveal which characters you’ll be recruiting and what enemies you’ll be fighting. If you’d like to play spoiler free but obtain the missable trophies, here’s all you need to do over the course of the game:

    • Collect 30 Stardust
    • Hold 7,000G
    • Defeat the three optional bosses located in Mayfil

    Without further ado, here’s PlayStation’s The Legend of Dragoon trophy list:

    The Legend of Dragoon – Platinum Trophy

    • A trophy on a The Legend of Dragoon background, serving as an icon for its platinum trophy Pure Legend
      Unlock all trophies in The Legend of Dragoon

    The Legend of Dragoon – Gold Trophies

    • An open book on a The Legend of Dragoon background serving as an icon for one of its gold trophies Serdian War
      Complete Chapter 1.
    • Another icon from Sony's The Legend of Dragoon trophy list. Platinum Shadow
      Complete Chapter 2.
    • Trophy icon for Fate and Soul from The Legend of Dragoon Fate and Soul
      Complete Chapter 3.
    • A book with a crescent moon serving as a gold trophy icon Moon and Fate
      Complete Chapter 4.

    The Legend of Dragoon – Silver Trophies

    • Wish upon a Star
      Collect 30 Stardust.
    • Not So Immortal after All
      Defeat the final boss.
    • Extinguish the Spirit of Feyrbrand
      Defeat Dragon Spirit.

    The Legend of Dragoon – Bronze Trophies

    • Not on My Watch
      Defeat the invading Sandoran Commander in Seles.
    • Quick Thinking
      Sneak into Hellena Prison.
    • The Knight of Basil
      Befriend Lavitz.
    • Prison Break
      Reunite with Shana.
    • Who Watches the Warden?
      Defeat Fruegel.
    • Poisonous Serpent
      Defeat Urobolus.
    • Every Rose Has Its Thorn
      Befriend Rose.
    • Echoes of the Past
      Defeat Virage.
    • Hot Wing
      Defeat Fire Bird.
    • Dragon’s Nest
      Defeat Greham and Feyrbrand.
    • An Unlikely Pair
      Defeat Drake the Bandit and Shirley.
    • Have a Blast at the Carnival
      Play some carnival games.
    • Master of Thunder
      Befriend Haschel.
    • Jiango Unleashed
      Defeat Jiango.
    • The Tepid Threesome
      Defeat Fruegel, Guftas, and Rodriguez
    • Family Troubles
      Fight the Emperor Doel and Dragoon Doel.
    • Once a Thief, Always a Thief
      Defeat Mappi.
    • A Wink and a Smile… And a Hammer
      Befriend Meru.
    • Phantom Connection
      Defeat a Virage in Valley of Corrupted Gravity.
    • The Buddy System of Enemies
      Defeat Mappi and Gehrich.
    • The Might of Gigantos
      Befriend Kongol
    • Nice to Be Back on Land Again
      Defeat Lenus.
    • You Look Like You’ve Just Seen a Ghost
      Defeat Ghost Commander and his 4 knights.
    • What We Do for Love
      Defeat Lenus and Regole.
    • The Sacred Sister
      Befriend Miranda.
    • Wrath of the Divine
      Defeat Divine Dragon.
    • Where’d He Go?
      Defeat the Wendigo
    • Silver-Haired Swordsman
      Defeat Lloyd
    • He Probably Wasn’t the Last One Ever
      Defeat the Last Kraken.
    • They Were Quite the “Motley Crew”
      Defeat Kubila, Selebus, and Vector.
    • Acceptance and Forgiveness
      Defeat Death Rose.
    • Cage Up Claire
      Defeat Claire.
    • Vanquish Indora… Indoors?
      Defeat Indora.
    • I Can Do This with My Eyes Closed
      Defeat Dark Doel.
    • Archangel, Archangel, Won’t You Be Mine?
      Defeat Archangel.
    • Cosmic Dust
      Collect 1 Stardust.
    • Rags to Riches
      Hold 7,000G
    • Extinguish the Spirit of Regole
      Defeat Dragon Spirit 2
    • Extinguish the Spirit of the Divine Dragon
      Defeat Dragon Spirit 3

    There are separate but identical trophy lists for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game. This means if you’re up for two playthroughs, you can end up obtaining two sets of trophies for this beloved JRPG.

    The Legend of Dragoon is available now for $9.99 on PS4 and PS5. It appears users who purchased the game on PS3 or PSP can download the new version for free. It’s also included in the Classics Catalog for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers.

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