Persona 4 Golden: Ai Dating Guide

    There are 8 romance options you have to choose from in Persona 4 Golden. You must select specific choices during these lovely ladies’ Social Links in order to do so. Dating nets you a new perspective on your relationship, dialogue of the lovey dovey variety and some dates. Onto the P4G Ai Dating Guide!

    Dating Basics

    What do dates entail? Well, your wonderful girlfriend(s?) will call you on certain Sundays and Holidays to go somewhere to hang out. This can be something like a movie date (guessing which film they wanna see improves your relationship!), Christmas, and a New Year’s Shrine date (oooh! kimonos!).

    You can two time or omni-time these young women. There aren’t any major or game breaking consequences, but the game will try to make you feel as horrible as possible. Girls will wonder why you skipped out on a Valentine’s date (because you obviously went with a prettier girl…) and things like that. It can be quite heart-breaking. So keep all of this in mind when doing Social Links.


    Her Social Link Guide can be found here.

    For Ai you can get on the Romance Route by following our Social Link Guide up until Rank 6 –. After that you cand do couples’ stuff and her Remaining Social Link Ranks have different choices from the normal, platonic route. Ai is also really difficult to date. She has an entire fake Romance Route so be careful! Don’t worry we will tell you exactly what to say!

    Temporary Lovers Route: During Rank 6 you can be faked out and be placed in a temporary romance that doesn’t develop. This can happen if you say : “I’ll be your boyfriend. – I don’t really care.” This will piddle along until Rank 8 where either the link end prematurely or you break up.

    Romance Route

    • Rank 6: any choice – any choice – ……Should think about it.
    • Rank 7: Sexy Clothes. – Yep. – Of course you are.
    • Rank 8: Of course. – Naturally… 
    • Rank 9: any choice – That’s not true. – any choice – Sure.
    • Rank 10: any choice

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