Fire Emblem Engage – Length & Time to Beat

    How long will it take to beat the latest Fire Emblem title?

    The latest mainline Fire Emblem title is here, in the form of Fire Emblem Engage. Many of you just starting the game might be wondering how long the title will take you to complete. Here’s exactly how long FE Engage will take you to beat!

    How Long Is Fire Emblem Engage?

    Engage will take you around 40 hours to beat on an average playthrough. This means normal or casual difficulty, as well as not going too crazy with the side content. However, if you choose to do a harder difficulty or all the side content, you will be looking at closer to 60 hours total to roll credits in Engage

    There is a plethora of side content, from adopting different animals to maxing out each of your character’s relationships. Additionally, there are multiple side missions with some substantial world-building content. It is easy to get lost in all this, and your playthrough length can be extended quickly. There are dozens of chapters for you to clear in the story, so do be sure to take your time and enjoy the latest Fire Emblem title.

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    What Even Is Engage?

    Engage is the latest title in the long-running strategy RPG series, Fire Emblem. The title features a returning cast of some of the most popular Fire Emblem characters ever, with immensely improved gameplay. Additionally, this is the best-looking game in the series visually, by far.

    We’ve got you covered with loads of guides to assist you as you tackle the latest title from Intelligent Systems. Be sure to stick around here at Final Weapon this weekend as plenty of coverage continues to drop! Also, curious about who the main character of Fire Emblem Engage is? Read all about Alear, the main character of Engage, right here.

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