Fire Emblem Engage Main Character – Meet Alear

    The face of the next Fire Emblem title.

    Fire Emblem Engage is quickly approaching, with the title just a few weeks away from launch. Previews have been released, and as a result, there have been massive amounts of discussion regarding the characters of Engage. Due to this, many of you might be wondering who the main character of Fire Emblem Engage is.

    It can be hard to keep track of all of the characters and differentiate between each one. Don’t worry though, as we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about Fire Emblem Engage’s main character.

    Alear – Fire Emblem Engage Main Character

    Fire Emblem Engage’s main character is named Alear. As with most recent Fire Emblem titles, there is both a male and a female version, which you are able to decide when you start the game. Alear has quite a vibrant design, with red and blue dividing the character, sparking the “toothpaste” jokes when the game got revealed.

    Alear is the successor to the Divine Dragon, which allows them to summon heroes from series past, which are called Emblems. It is said that Alear has been asleep for a thousand years before they awaken in Fire Emblem Engage.

    The designer of Alear is Mika Pikazo, who is best known for their VTuber designs. Alear is one of the most unique characters Fire Emblem has seen design-wise in quite some time, with the striking design being more than welcome in our eyes.

    Lastly, do keep in mind that regardless of the character you choose, you will experience the same narrative. The choice of male/female for Alear will have no effect on anything, so don’t worry about choosing between the two in order to experience different narrative points!

    Fire Emblem Engage releases on January 20, 2023. Stay tuned to Final Weapon for all sorts of tips, tricks, and guides as we head closer to launch!

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