Mobile RPG Eversoul Launches Today for Android and iOS, Launch Trailer

    Collect your souls now.

    Kakao Games and Nine Arc have released mobile RPG Eversoul across Android and iOS worldwide, and players now have access to various rewards obtained through pre-registration. Further, a new Eversoul launch trailer was released.

    Eversoul surpassed 1.5 million pre-registrations worldwide ever since the application period started on November 29, 2022. Upon surpassing 1 million pre-registrations, all players earned Gold x100,000, Mana Dust x100,000, Everstone x1,000, exclusive Mica & Seeha illustration, Epic Soul Mica, and exclusive Mica and Seeha costumes.

    Here’s an overview of the new mobile RPG via Kakao Games:


    Brimming with an intriguing lore and story, Eversoul takes point in a stunning fantasy world. As the ‘Savior’, you must collect playable characters called ‘Souls’, and fight off hordes of invaders in order to help save their world. With ambition stretching beyond what is traditionally expected of an idle RPG, Eversoul allows you to do much more than just play whilst offline.

    Launch Trailer

    Each of the many Souls available to collect possess unique skill sets and features, as well as spirit-imbued artifacts, making fetching as many as possible a worthwhile endeavor. Through interactive story content, players may utilize the game’s relationship system to form closer bonds and even romance Souls to help enhance their performance in battle.

    Alongside this, Eversoul also skillfully intertwines dungeon crawler elements, and PvP arena content, perfect for those who prefer hurling themselves headfirst into the heat of the action.

    The Town serves as Eversoul’s hub area, and from here you can send Souls you’ve gathered on part-time jobs, where EXP and crucial resources can be simultaneously stacked to help you on your journey. An idle offline mode will ensure that Souls continue tasks even when you aren’t actively playing. A town-decorating mode is also featured, offering players respite from saving the world, encouraging them to get creative and develop mesmerizing designs.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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