How Many Chapters Does Fire Emblem Engage Have?

    The number of chapters revealed.

    Fire Emblem Engage is officially out on Nintendo Switch! The latest title in the storied Fire Emblem series is a love letter to the franchise, with heroes from the series’ past returning as fighters. One of the most prominent questions in the community involves the number of chapters Engage has. Fire Emblem is known for solidly long games, with a high number of chapters usually. The latest mainline title keeps this trend, but let’s dive in and explore just how many chapters Fire Emblem Engage has.

    How Many Chapters Does Fire Emblem Engage Have?

    Fire Emblem Engage has 26 story chapters. These chapters vary in length, but most of them are will take you around the same amount of time to complete. For reference, Three Houses had 22 chapters. Even though this might seem like a large number of chapters, this is normal for the Fire Emblem series. Each of the games are loaded with content and offer loads of it for you to explore throughout the game.

    Engage is no exception, with plenty of side content to be completed after you finish the main story. As for how long Engage will take you to beat, be sure to check out our in-depth guide covering its length. 

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    What Is Fire Emblem Engage?

    As aforementioned, Fire Emblem Engage is the latest entry of Fire Emblem. You can play it on the Nintendo Switch family of systems. Be sure to stick around Final Weapon and check out all of our resources on this title! The latest mainline game in the Fire Emblem series offers loads of side content, quests, characters, and more. If you’re looking to get the most out of your playthrough, make sure to take a look around at our Fire Emblem Engage guides!

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