What Is Cissnei’s Real Name in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion?

    Just what is Cissnei's real name?

    If you’ve recently finished Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion, you might still have some lingering questions that were left unanswered. One of the biggest questions from most players is what is Cissnei’s real name. The Turk vowed to Tseng that she would tell Zack her real name, however, we know that she did not get the chance to before the Shinra army found him. Today, we will dive into Cissnei’s background to explore what her real name is.

    What Games Does Cissnei Appear in?

    Cissnei first appeared in Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, where the default name for her character was Shuriken. She is the youngest individual to ever be a part of the Turks, with her being raised and trained by Shinra themselves.

    Cissnei Before Crisis Render

    Obviously, she also appears in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion as well. She has a prominent role as a side character, where she appears from time to time to assist Zack. She did not appear in Final Fantasy VII Remake, however, we believe that a return for the Turk could be in the cards, for reasons we will dive into later on.

    What Is Cissnei’s Real Name?

    Cissnei’s real name to this day has never been revealed. After telling Zack that “Cissnei isn’t even my real name”, and stating to Tseng she wants to tell him her real name, she, unfortunately, ran out of time to do so.

    In the original release of Crisis Core, she was not able to tell Zack, and the same holds true in Reunion. With this plot line unresolved, could we see Cissnei return in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? Since the Turks are constantly involved throughout the story, it makes sense to bring back Cissnei for more. Especially with a brand new voice actor and model, there has never been a better opportunity for Square Enix.

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