Temirana Koku no Tsuiteru Hime to Tsuitenai Kishidan Releases April 27, 2023 for Switch in Japan

    The cursed princess had special luck.

    Idea Factory announced ichicolumn-developed otome visual novel Temirana Koku no Tsuiteru Hime to Tsuitenai Kishidan launches April 27, 2023 for Nintendo Switch in Japan.

    Temirana Koku no Tsuiteru Hime to Tsuitenai Kishidan will be sold physical for 7,480 yen at Japanese retailers. Additionally, A limited edition will be sold for 9,680 yen featuring a drama CD, soundtrack CD, and a special booklet with a short story written by scenario writer Uta Amemiya. Moreover, pre-orders include an additional drama CD.

    Here’s an overview of the otome visual novel via VNDB:


    This is a world in which status and occupation are all determined by the month of birth. At the eastern end of the country of Temirana, about fifteen years ago, a baby with a bruise on her forehead was born as the third princess. The baby was rumored to be a “cursed princess” and was forced to live separately from her family in a mansion away from the castle, but a big turning point came for her.

    One day, my 16th birthday is just around the corner. At the venue of the duel tournament “Helis Duellum,” I saw five men shining in a dazzlingly strong “light.”

    – Yes, this “cursed princess” had special luck. When her life is in danger, things and places shine as if to tell her to avoid them. Those around her who knew the princess’s luck advised her that these men were dangerous people and that’s why they shone… but it was different from the light she had seen so far. Believing in her intuition, the princess decided to invite those who seemed to shine into her knighthood order. But some of them have no experience in swordplay, nor are they even interested in being knights. Will the princess be able to overcome the calamity that is about to occur with only a small group of five knights?

    Lastly, check out the new trailer below:

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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