Celeste’s Instagram has begun posting once again – DLC release date incoming?

    Celeste is a platformer that released back on January 25th of 2018. The game is developed and published by Matt Makes Games. Celeste received incredible reception, with the game receiving a 92 on Metacritic. After the game launched, an official Instagram account was made so fans could keep up with the game. The Celeste Instagram account posted on August 31st, 2018, and then suddenly went silent until today. A brand new post is on the account, and you can take a look at it below.

    Take a look at the description. “Visiting to say farewell”. This seems to be hinting at the game’s announced free update, the Farewell DLC. The Farewell DLC was supposed to release a long time ago, however it become massive and Matt Makes Games postponed it. The Celeste physical copy that went up on back in January is yet to ship, as they are waiting for the completion of the Farewell DLC before they print the game. Hopefully we will find out more about the DLC soon. We’ll be sure to update you if any more posts are uploaded.

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