DAEMON X MACHINA icon revealed

    DAEMON X MACHINA’s icon on the Switch menu has been revealed.


    It looks to simply say “DAEMON X MACHINA” on a black background. You can learn more about DAEMON X MACHINA below.


    Defend the planet and defeat corrupted A.I. controlled robots using your Arsenal, a fully customizable mechanized battle suit. Choose and equip your Arsenal with a multitude of weapons, obtain more from downed enemy Arsenals, and swap them on the fly to suit your strategy in the face of ever-changing threats that may bring the end of the world.

    It was the greatest disaster in recorded history… The moon tore apart, turning the sky into a kaleidoscope of red light that illuminated all who watched from below. Survive this apocalyptic new age as a mercenary and pilot powerful mechs in this brand-new action game from Kenichiro Tsukuda (Armored Core) and mech designer Shoji Kawamori.


    The player’s avatar is customizable with a variety of options

    Each Arsenal can be equipped with different weapons on its arms and shoulders, as well as reserve weaponry on its back that can be swapped out during battle

    Defeated enemies drop ammo and weapons, which the player can obtain and use on the fly

    Online* and local wireless multiplayer** modes support up to 4 player

    Are you picking up DAEMON X MACHINA? Let us know in the comments!


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