Pokémon Rumble Rush now available on iOS!

    Pokémon Rumble Rush is now available to download from the App Store across iOS devices! The game can be downloaded, but is currently in maintenance as of 11:00PM CT. Attached below you can find the press release back when the game launched for Australia.

    Get ready, adventurer! Pokémon Rumble Rush has arrived for mobile devices in Australia and is coming soon to the rest of the world. In this latest entry in the Pokémon Rumble series, exploring uncharted islands is fun and fast-paced, thanks to the easy-to-use controls and attacks that are pulled off with simple taps.

    As you battle wild Pokémon, some of them will join your team. Keep collecting more Pokémon to build up an assortment of heavy hitters. Plus, the more you collect the same species of Pokémon, the stronger those Pokémon will be when they join you! You’ll need to gather a crew of powerful Pokémon partners to take on the islands’ Super Bosses.

    Your Pokémon partners won’t be heading into battle without any help, though! As you explore each island, you will earn gears that your Pokémon can equip.

    There are two kinds of gears—power gears, which boost a Pokémon’s individual stats and make it more effective in battle, and summon gears, which allow a Pokémon to temporarily call another Pokémon into battle. Choose the best gears to help your Pokémon come out on top!

    Pokémon Rumble Rush is a free-to-start adventure. You will also be able to purchase in-game items using real-world currency. It’s available now in Australia—and will be available soon in other regions—so prepare to explore!

    You can check out the game here. Will you be downloading this brand new Pokémon game? Let us know in the comments!

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