Hades II Early Access Available Now on PC

    Supergiant Games has announced that Hades II is now available in Early Access across Steam and Epic Games Store on PC. This follows the Technical Test, which wrapped up shortly ago. This test allowed Supergiant to gain player feedback on technical issues, bugs, and any other things the team might have missed.

    The team at Supergiant Games has shared an update on the Early Access roadmap in a post on Steam

    This Early Access launch is an extraordinarily exciting moment for our team as we begin the process that we expect will help us realize this game’s potential. As with the original, we designed Hades II for Early Access from the ground up, and look forward to hearing your feedback about all that we’ve built so far, and integrating that feedback into our plans for the rest of production! This is a game with many interconnected parts, and your feedback helps us ensure everything from the balance to the narrative are working as well as possible.

    Should you play in Early Access, or wait for the full game? For many players, it’s a good idea to wait for the complete v1.0 before diving in, as Hades II will grow and improve during Early Access, and the true ending of the story won’t be available until then. But, if you like the idea of seeing the game evolve over time, and watching the story unfold more gradually, then Early Access is probably for you!

    A new trailer showcasing features of this early access period was also released. Check it out below:

    Hades II is available for purchase for $29.99. The game is now available across Steam and Epic Games Store.

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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