Take-Two Interactive Announces Layoffs of 5% of Staff

    Several unannounced projects have also been scrapped.

    Take-Two has recently announced that they will be conducting layoffs of approximately 5% of its workforce (around 600 employees). They will also be cancelling several unannounced projects as part of an initiative to save costs.

    Over the last few months, several major companies have laid off hundreds, if not thousands, of workers from across their entire gaming division. Examples include Microsoft, Bungie, Embracer Group, Behaviour Interactive, Riot Games, Sega, Sony, EA, and more. Unfortunately, the amount of layoffs across the industry will likely increase as the year continues.

    Take-Two Lays Off Around 600 Employees, Scraps Several Unannounced Projects

    Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer

    According to Reuters, Take-Two has opted to lay off around 5% of its workers, or approximately 600 employees. Further, they have cancelled several unannounced games. They have opted not to mention the names of the scrapped projects. The reasoning behind the layoffs and cancellations is due to an attempt by the publishing company to cut costs.

    Recently, Take-Two purchased Gearbox from the Embracer Group. In the announcement, they confirmed that a fourth Borderlands game is in development. Take-Two’s next major game, Grand Theft Auto VI, is also set to release next year. Only time will tell if the company intends to layoff further employees in order to make room for these upcoming games.

    In December, Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto VI with an official trailer. he trailer reintroduces fans to the chaotic world of Vice City. Players can see numerous sights, with the gorgeous highways, dangerous wildlife, and of course, the several crime-filled areas. Both Rockstar and Take-Two will likely reveal more details about the upcoming game in the coming months.

    Lastly, Take-Two’s recent layoffs are the latest in a long line of many from the gaming industry. Unfortunately, this trend is likely to continue as AAA gaming continues to become more and more unsustainable. Only time will tell who the next company affected by this trend will be.

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