Next Deus Ex Game Cancelled by Embracer Group

    Another victim of 2024's unfortunate trend.

    An article from Bloomberg has confirmed that Embracer Group has cancelled the next entry in the beloved Deus Ex franchise. Further, they’ve laid off several employees working on the game at one of the many companies under their banner, Eidos Montreal.

    The first Deus Ex initially came out in 2000. The game, developed by Warren Spector, helped kickstart the beloved immersive sim genre. Over the years, several games have been inspired by Deus Ex, such as DishonoredPrey, Cyberpunk 2077, and the two sequels developed by Eidos Montreal. With the recent cancellation, the future of the series is seemingly in jeopardy.

    Embracer Group Cancels Next Deus Ex Game

    Deus Ex

    A recent article from Bloomberg officially confirmed that the Swedish company Embracer Group has cancelled the next entry in the Deus Ex series. They will also be laying off employees from the game’s developer, Eidos Montreal.  The announcement comes amidst the company’s initiative “to cut costs,” according to Bloomberg. The game was in-development for two years and would’ve entered full development this year.

    Unfortunately, this is not the first major layoff this year, nor is it the first from Embracer. Last week, almost 2,000 employees across Microsoft’s gaming division were laid off. Additionally, last year, Embracer shut down Free Radical Design, the developers behind the beloved Timesplitters series. Only time will tell if this unfortunate trend will continue.

    At the time of writing, it is currently unknown whether or not the Deus Ex franchise will continue. However, with the recent cancellation and layoffs at Eidos Montreal, it is likely that the Deus Ex franchise has unofficially come to an end.

    The original Deus Ex is available on PC. Fans can purchase it on Steam for $6.99. Additionally, its sequels, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided are available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Both are also backwards compatible with modern consoles and are verified for Steam Deck play.

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