Final Fantasy XVI Reveals Leviathan Eikon Artwork

    New official artwork of the lost Eikon.

    Square Enix has officially released artwork of the lost Eikon, Leviathan. In Final Fantasy XVI, Leviathan is the one Eikon we did not encounter, as it was said to be lost to time. Now, in the upcoming DLC, The Rising Tide, players will travel to the lands of Mysidia to search for the lost Eikon and save it. 

    Below, you can check out the official illustration of Leviathan. Be sure to stay tuned for more content on The Rising Tide, as we’ll be diving in immediately starting today.

    Leviathan Artwork - Final Fantasy XVI

    Leviathan is a major part of Final Fantasy XVI – The Rising Tide, a new DLC set in Misidia. We previously described the DLC as the following:

    Final Fantasy XVI players will have access to The Rising Tide DLC once Origin is available as a destination on the world map and the quest “Priceless” is completed. The DLC gives players to a new questline that takes them to Mysidia and other new areas, such as Kairos Gate and the Aire of Hours. New areas means new enemies will be roaming the world, including very dangerous Tonberries. 

    Clive will gain access to new Leviathan Eikon abilities, an increased level cap (Story/Action up to level 60, Final Fantasy Mode level up to 110), and new weapons, such as the Curtana relic weapon from Final Fantasy XIV. Players may obtain the Curtana alongside the “Torn from the Heavens” and “Through the Maelstrom” Orchestrion Rolls by purchasing the Rising Tide or the Final Fantasy XVI Expansion Pass.”

    Final Fantasy XVI is available now exclusively for PlayStation 5. A PC version is in the final stages of development, so we’ll likely hear news soon surrounding its release.

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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