Take-Two to Acquire Gearbox from Embracer Group

    Another attempt by Embracer Group to reduce its massive debt.

    Embracer Group has announced that they intend to give Gearbox to Take-Two. All of Gearbox’s major gaming franchises, including Borderlands, will be given to Take-Two.

    Over the last few years, Embracer has become infamous for acquiring companies, only to dissolve them or lay off several staff members without taking advantage of their portfolio. Examples include Eidos Montreal, Free Radical Design, and Volition Games. The reason for this so that Embracer can “cut costs.” With Take-Two set to acquire Gearbox from Embracer, the company behind the beloved Borderlands may have been saved from the fate of Eidos Montreal and more.

    Take-Two Acquiring Gearbox from Embracer Group, Details Revealed

    Embracer Group

    In a new statement from Embracer Group, the company has announced that they are planning to give (or “divest”) Gearbox to Take-Two. Embracer Group will get 460 million USD out of the arrangement. In exchange, Take-Two will receive several companies under the Gearbox banner, alongside all of their major IPs. Here’s an outline of everything Take-Two will get from the acquisition (and everything that Embracer will keep):

    • The divested assets include:
      • Gearbox Software (Frisco, Texas)
      • Gearbox Montréal
      • Gearbox Studio Quebec
      • Borderlands and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands franchises, as well as Homeworld, Risk of Rain, Brothers in Arms and Duke Nukem
    • The retained assets include:
      • Gearbox Publishing San Francisco (to be renamed prior to closing, formerly named Perfect World Entertainment), including the publishing rights to the Remnant franchise, the upcoming Hyper Light Breaker and other notable unannounced game releases
      • Cryptic Studios, including MMO titles Neverwinter Online and Star Trek Online.
      • Lost Boys Interactive
      • Captured Dimensions

    Additionally, according to a separate press release, the next entry in the Borderlands series is currently in “active development.” Take-Two and Gearbox will likely reveal more details about the game in the coming years. Lastly, the upcoming Borderlands movie will release on August 9. Take-Two will confirm more about their acquisition of Gearbox in the coming days.

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