Street Fighter is Getting a Live-Action Movie

    A Hadoken is coming to a theatre near you!

    Street Fighter is officially getting a live-action movie, according to its official X/Twitter account. The film is currently in the works and is co-produced by a major film production company.

    This wouldn’t be the first time the Street Fighter franchise received a live-action flick. In 1994, the world witnessed the first Street Fighter movie, which featured film stars such as Jean-Claude Van Damme and the late Raul Julia. Some fans might also remember the Chun-Li live-action movie that came out in 2009. This upcoming Street Fighter film will reach a new generation of gamers, heightening Street Fighter‘s popularity.

    A New Live-Action Street Fighter Movie Is Upon Us

    street fighter movie

    This live-action film will be co-produced by Legendary Entertainment and Capcom. Legendary Entertainment is a movie production studio known best for their work on The Dark Knight Trilogy, the Pacific Rim movies, Warcraft (2016), and the Godzilla x Kong films. Capcom provided no other information, but more news will come in the future.

    Capcom is no stranger to helping create live-action movies of their games. The Resident Evil movie series lasted from 2002 to 2017, with a reboot occurring in 2021. Additionally, a Monster Hunter live-action movie released in 2020.

    First introduced in 1987, Street Fighter has become one of the game industry’s most iconic and enduring video games. Moreover, it set the standard for competitive video games going forward. Street Fighter II revolutionized arcade gaming and competitive play with its multiplayer fighting style and character selection. With simple gameplay mechanics, a diverse roster of characters, and intricate fighting styles, it’s a franchise for everyone. Check out our review on the latest Street Fighter 6.

    Finally, with a live-action movie arriving, the Street Fighter brand will reach a bigger audience. While Capcom has no more information regarding the film, stay tuned for any news here at Final Weapon.

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